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Unemployed People Do Two More Hours of Housework Per Day

It's obvious to say the unemployed population has more time on their hands because they're not spending their days in offices. The American Time Use Survey asked thousands of employed and unemployed people to learn more about the differences in time spent by these two groups. Below are some of the survey's conclusions.

  • On an average weekday, someone who's unemployed sleeps an hour more than an employed individual.
  • An unemployed person spends two hours each day (at least twice as much time as someone with a job) doing house or yard work.
  • Someone who's unemployed spends an additional hour in the classroom and 70 more minutes watching TV than someone who's employed.

Economists use the survey to try and value the time of those without a paycheck, and Daniel S. Hamermesh, an economics professor at the University of Texas at Austin commented, "If all we were doing is substituting production at home for production in the marketplace, then maybe unemployment wouldn't be so bad."

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Wilmsch Wilmsch 6 years
PS: It would be nice if you had a male avatar as well, so I don't need to post a picture of my handsome self :D
Wilmsch Wilmsch 6 years
Ladies, since my wife showed me this post the other day to emphasize what a lazy bum I am and that all other men are the same, here is some food for thought. I am a business owner who just finished his degree. Since I finished my degree and my business hasn't been doing as well for two months as it had the year prior, I am looking for a professional job. I spend most of my time in the house, which apparently comes with the presumption that I should be cleaning every day and have dinner ready for when wifey comes home. Apparently, I ought to do at least 2-3 hours of housework every day, which according to my wife I am not, plus have dinner ready every evening. Now for my business I earn $50-250 per hour when I have a client. Someone might assume that's not a bad hourly rate, but it takes a significant investment of time to get a client. Of course the time spent to get a client, meeting with them, negotiating terms, doing accounting, etc. does not count as work for my wife. All in all I spend about 15 hours a week getting 5-10 hours of work. So that's 20-25 hours I spend working, of which a maximum of 5-10 hours is counted towards me. Now comes the part where I apply to jobs, which is about 10-15 hours per week. Of that time, I only get credit for 1-2 hours where I actually have interviews, meet with people, etc. Another 5 hours a week I spend cleaning up in the drawers (papers, tools, misc. crap, selling stuff we don't need anymore). Since it's in the drawers and can not be seen from the outside, I get a credit of 0 hours. So far we have me working 35-45 hours of which 6-11 hours is counted as work. I do about 90-95% of the housework in a 1200 sqft place (ladies, many of you know what that means), so that's roughly 10 hours a week, which are actually counted as 10 hours (whoopee). Now let's take a look at all the misc. things I do for my wife, which start in the mornings with driving her to the Metro station (a 5-10 minute walk, a 15-20 minute drive thanks to rush hour) continue with running errands for her during the day, picking her up from the Metro (same thing as in the mornings), running more errands for her, and ending at around 10 pm with fetching her water (yes, every night). That comes up to about 10-20 hours per week depending on the errands (and yes, I count being stuck in traffic because she did not mention to the framer that he screwed up when we were standing in his office, but waited till we were home, so I would have to drive there the next day). Of course none of that time is counted towards me, since it's something a husband should do anyways. So we come up with 55 to 75 hours (average: 65 hours) I work each week, of which 16-21 hours is counted by my wife as work (roughly 1/4 of the actual work I do). Now let me hear it again that I am a lazy bum because I do not cook an elaborate dinner every night (I cook elaborately once a week and make easy stuff once a week that lasts for three days) or that it took me three days to fold and hang the laundry. By the way, I still pay at least 40% of the bills. Do I sit in front of the Playstation once in a while? Yeah, about three hours this week, which according to my wife is several hours every day (since I'm not doing anything else anyways). So ladies, before you call your husbands lazy bums, consider that they may be doing a lot more work than you give them credit for and if they do, it would surely make them feel nice to get some appreciation.
dpretty1 dpretty1 8 years
i just started working at home and i have been thinking about this. I actually do more housework now that I don't leave home to work. I do chores when I need to stretch my legs, take a 5 min. break, etc.
chatondeneige chatondeneige 8 years
Aww. I hope I didn't accidentally leave this open! I came home to an immaculate house today! :D
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I work part time, so on my days off I definitely do more like 4-5 hours of housework because my husband doesn't do ANY of it. It's kind of our little trade-off...I like a clean house and don't mind doing it and he detests cleaning but works at the office a lot.
Frenched Frenched 8 years
@Caterpillar, you're right on. Hubby does do a little more housework than when he was employed but it's probably only 20 minutes a day...the rest is spent playing videogames and whatnot.
chatondeneige chatondeneige 8 years
Hmm. My boyfriend definitely sleeps way more than an hour a day more than I do. I'm pretty sure that instead of those two hours of housework, he spends time on Hulu finding new shows to get me addicted to. (It's not fair! He has 40 hours more of TV viewing time than I do each week!) ;)
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
These are the two things I'd do more of if I didn't have a job.
syako syako 8 years
oops ^^ x2 ;)
syako syako 8 years
^^ :rotfl:
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i guess in general that could be true but i think that it also depends on where people are living too. my husband hasn't been employed for a bit and i don't know what he does all day but i can certainly say that it's not 2 more hours of yard work or anything like that.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
Two hours of housework? Not my unemployed husband! more like 8 hours of playstation.
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