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Unique Things to Do in St. Lucia

8 Things to Do in St. Lucia That Are Off the Beaten Path

Unique Things to Do in St. Lucia
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Natasha Smith

St. Lucia continues to top the charts in island destinations, and can easily be mistaken for a slice of heaven on earth. With its crystal clear cobalt-colored seas, lush emerald vegetation, and breathtaking cotton candy-color sunsets, it's a travelers (and Instagrammers!) paradise. Caribbean life is filled with plenty to do, or not do. If you choose to nap all day under the palm trees to the sound of the ocean, no judgments; I did it. But, if you want to discover far beyond the typical tourist sites such as the sulphur springs and mud baths, I will take you through the jungle, off the beaten path — all the way to paradise you go. Here are the top eight things you shouldn't miss out on on the idyllic island of Saint Lucia.

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