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Savvy Community Tip: Always Double Check Your Invoices

I'm always finding great tips in our community groups, and my latest favorite comes from Colbie in the How Do You Save group:

So I know it sounds like such a simple tip but really it does make a difference! I recently moved and had hired a moving company. After a long day, I signed and paid for an invoice that seemed reasonable enough for me. Well, later I went back and realized that moving company had actually charged me for the movers' breaks and their lunch! I called up the company the next morning to explain what happened and they refunded me the difference! Guess it pays to double check!

I'm glad it all worked out for Colbie. This rule applies to all kinds of receipts — I always double check my grocery, restaurant, and other types of bills just in case there's some sort of miscalculation. You'd be surprised how many times you'll catch a careless mistake! Share your savvy tips in the How Do You Save group.

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