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Use Up Food Before You Buy Groceries

Here's a Good Way to Stop Wasting Groceries

Being disorganized can be a waste of money, especially with groceries. If you're not keeping track of what you have, you might end up buying something that's already in your fridge at the supermarket. For advice on how to stop wasting groceries, we turned to organization expert Peter Walsh, who is heading a campaign where communities who hold yard sales to raise money for a cause can apply for his help and receive a feature in O magazine. Walsh says,

"It all starts with a plan. Before you decide what meals you’re planning to make this week, take a look in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. Ask yourself what items are in there that need to be used now and what dishes can you prepare from them? From there, fill in the rest of the week’s menu and write a grocery list of only those things you need. I guarantee you’ll stop overbuying things you already have and you’ll also not throw away perfectly good food just because it’s gone past its expiration date. Additionally, when an item is on sale or you have a coupon that is too good to pass up, make sure that you store those newly purchased goods behind the ones you already have. You’ll be certain to get the most out of the groceries you buy!"

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