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Use Your Phone to Calculate Gas Mileage

Reader Tip: Use Your Phone to Calculate Gas Mileage

We each develop a unique saving style over the years, which is why it's so important to divulge your winning tactics with friends. You never know how far your little tip will go for the next gal. Spectra recently shared an incredibly smart tip in the comments of my 5 Savvy Ways to Use Your Phone's Calculator and I just had to pass it on. She says:

I use my phone calculator to figure out my gas mileage every time I fill up. I reset the trip odometer when I fill up and I just divide that number by the amount of gas I put in to see if I got decent mileage on that certain tank of gas. I know, it's kind of anal, but it's just something I do.

Saving on gasoline requires great effort so I was impressed by this simple move. Do you have a tip for readers? Join our How Do You Save? group and share your helpful suggestions. Here's a detailed guide to posting questions or posts to groups if you are new to the PopSugar Community.

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