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Useful Infomercial Products

Have You Ever Bought a Useful Infomercial Product?

My friend is a sucker for infomercials, but it looks like her latest buy paid off. She was watching an ad about P90X and fell for the amazing before-and-after pictures as well as the customer testimonials. After using the product for a few weeks, she told me she's very satisfied about her purchase. As for me, I'm not an fan of infomercials because I just don't have the patience to watch them. I rather spend my time watching reality-show train wrecks, which I guess isn't quite quality TV either.

So for those of you who love infomercials — have you ever bought a useful product?

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amytnguyen amytnguyen 5 years
I bought Zumba! I think workout dvds are totally worth it if you intend on using them.
suzieleung suzieleung 5 years
I love p90x! It really works! Personally, I think infomercials are really entertaining to boyfriend thinks I'm crazy when he's flipping through channels and I tell him to stop b/c I want to see the "After" picture from using some miraculous acne medication. p90x is the real deal though. it's not a gimmick when you have to do real pull ups and one-handed push ups!
jessFPLF jessFPLF 5 years
My boyfriend used P90x for 2-3 weeks, and it was working, but then he stopped. I don't think he can hear the words "Bring it" without his muscles hurting. I love Aqua Globes - I honestly can't tell if the water is just coming out of the globe of if my plant is just that thirsty, but he looks healthier, and I feel less guilty.
lovelypea lovelypea 5 years
I got a magic bullet i used it every day until it broke and the brazilian booty lift work out! I like it. I got the bump it and it sucked.
lovelypea lovelypea 5 years
I bought the brazilian booty lift! its so fun! And the magic bullet, used it everyday for years... I got the bump it... don't really care for that one.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 5 years
Someone got me the magic bullet as a gift a few years ago and I love it.
likethedirection likethedirection 5 years
I bought Hercules Hooks and they're amazing.
amber512 amber512 5 years
Yes! I use my Magic Bullet daily. I also have a Bender ball and the Shake Weight, but I've found that I don't use the fitness items as much as I should. The Magic Bullet is much better to make tasty treats ;)
enginerdette enginerdette 5 years
I bought the Winsor Pilates DVDs back in the day. The "Buns and Thighs" and "Ab Sculpting" ones are probably the only exercise DVDs I have ever kept. I don't use them as regularly, but they are a good go-to once in awhile. There are a few other things that I have seen that I would like to try out. Luckily, a lot of malls have the "As Seen on TV" store. :) []
shannrose shannrose 5 years
I like a show on a New England news network where they test out infomercial products to see which ones actually work.
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