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Uses For Dawn Dish Soap

31 Brilliant Uses For Dawn Dish Soap

Good news: The Dawn dish soap sitting by your sink can be used for more than just dishes. In fact, you will probably be shocked by just how useful that iconic blue liquid really is. The dish-washing soap contains strong detergent that removes grease, but the mixture is still gentle because of the added surfactants that protect your skin from getting irritated. These ingredients have made Dawn incredibly useful outside of the sink, which is probably why it's the bestselling dish-washing soap in the country. We have rounded up 31 ways that you can take Dawn to a whole new level and utilize it in almost any situation.

  1. Make an ice pack: Fill a plastic sandwich bag half-full with soap, close it, and freeze it. The soap stays cold for a long time, and the ice pack can be reused.
  2. Improve your manicure: Soak your hands in warm water and Dawn to soften your cuticles and take natural oils off of your nails so that the polish will really stick.
  3. Unclog toilets: Pour a cup of Dawn in the toilet, let it sit for 10 minutes, then pour a bucket of hot water into the bowl and flush.
  4. Clean your pool: Squeeze some Dawn in your pool; it will create a film that pushes all of the excess gunk to the edges of the pool for easy cleanup.
  5. Remove grime from the tub: Let it sit on the stained area for about eight hours and then clean it off. It will remove grease or stains without messing up the finish of your bathtub.
  6. Wash your car: Mix with warm water and sponge onto the surface of your car. Make sure to wash it off well.
  7. Use as hinge lubricant: Have squeaky doors? Spread some soap on the hinges to clean them up and stop them from creaking.
  8. Clean your sponges: Use Dawn to wash makeup or cleaning sponges so that they stay looking and smelling fresh.
  9. Get rid of fleas in carpeting: Put a tablespoon in a spray bottle, mix with water, and spray on carpet to kill insects.
  10. Take care of oily skin: Use a dime size amount on face with warm water, and wash it off. It will extract excess oils from your face.
  11. Wash extra dye from hair: If you dyed your hair too dark, wash with Dawn to lighten the color.
  12. Repel insects from plants: Spray your plants with soapy water, and bugs will stay away.
  13. Create tie-dye art: Put milk and a few drops of food coloring on a paper plate. Dip a cotton swab in Dawn and then dip the cotton swab into the center of the plate to watch the magic happen.

  14. Kill ants: Squirt ants with a soap and water solution in a spray bottle.
  15. Protect yourself before a painting project: Rub soap on exposed skin and let dry. Paint will easily wash right off when it's time to clean up.
  16. Clean gritty tiles: Mix the soap with Epsom salt, and scrub the concoction on tiles to make them look like new again.
  17. Remove stains from clothes: Rub soap into the stain and then do laundry like you normally would.
  18. Clean an old grill: Pour soap and water on the grill, let it soak overnight, then scrub the next day to get all the gunk off.
  19. Discover tire punctures: Brush soap and water on the tire. If you see any bubbles, those will tell you where there is a hole.
  20. Wash your hair: The detergent will take all of the grime out of your hair. We suggest not using this shampooing method more than once a week since it will strip many natural oils from your hair if used too often.
  21. Stop insects from coming in your house: Generously rub soap along the edge of your doors and windows. The insects will get stuck in the soap, preventing them from coming indoors.
  22. Wash paintbrushes: Soak brushes in warm water and soap for 20 minutes, then rinse them out.
  23. Make a density column: From bottom to top, fill a clear glass with honey, milk, Dawn soap, water, and vegetable oil. These substances won't mix with one another because of their different densities, so they make a beautiful visual! This would be a perfect science project for kids.
  24. Stop your glasses from getting foggy: Rub a small amount on your eyeglasses and then wipe them clean. The thin residue will stop any fogging up.
  25. Make bubbles: Give kids a fun outdoor activity by mixing Dawn with warm water and dipping bubble wands in the mixture.
  26. Prevent poison ivy from spreading: Poison ivy rashes spread through oil, so wash the affected area with Dawn to prevent it from spreading to other parts of your body.
  27. Wash your driveway: Get rid of motor oil by pouring a bucket of Dawn and hot water on the cement surface and then use a scrub broom to remove the stains.
  28. Make sensory foam: Use one part Dawn dish soap and two parts water. Put mixture in a bowl, and use your electric hand mixer on its highest setting to create a foamy concoction for kids to play with.
  29. Wash your pets: Simply mix water and Dawn together to clean the fur on cats and dogs. They will be squeaky clean!

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  31. Lift makeup stains: If you spill a bottle of liquid foundation or get makeup on your clothes, it will easily come out by rubbing hot water and Dawn on the surface.
  32. Remove oil from ocean life: Sea animals that are victims of oil spills can be cleaned with Dawn. It takes the slick oil off of their bodies and saves their lives!

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