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Vibrating Alarm Clock

How-To: Never Be Woken Up by Your Partner's Alarm Clock Again

We can never have enough inventions to increase our quality of sleep and it seems like we have a winner with the new Lark alarm clock ($129) which is available on its website and since it connects wirelessly to your iPhone, it will be coming to Apple stores on June 14.

Developed by a Harvard sleep expert and a sleep coach for pro-athletes, the Lark gadget is a wristband you strap on that vibrates to wake you up, thus only waking up one person. Don't worry, you're not going to feel a strong electric jolt, the vibration is quite light and is described by the Wall Street Journal to feel "gentle and soothing."

Further, the product even tracks your sleep patterns with a sensor and records it onto an app available in iTunes. And if you're worried about how effective this product will be after a long length of time, the creators have solved this problem — apparently the vibrations also change daily so people won't start getting used to it and ignoring it.

The WSJ review also said that although wearing a wristband takes some getting used to, it starts to feel less noticeable after a couple of wears. So what do you think — is this something you would buy?


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