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Watching the Market Will Drive You Nuts!

Most of you aren't fans of the government bailing out private banks, but the market reacted more than kindly to the government's announcement that it may create an agency to buy bad debt from banks. Bad debt refers to the mortgage-related assets that were the Achilles heel to once Wall Street giants Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns.

The market showed its largest percentage point gain in six years but is still down for the week. What's with the fluctuation? Markets are always sensitive to news, but a week of unexpected headlines has created an even more volatile market. For the moment, investors feel reassured that the government is planning a large scale bailout that is aimed at containing the credit crisis.


SugarKat SugarKat 9 years
Yes, I'm going nuts. Oh wait, I'm not watching the market. Can't do it. It's everchanging and not for the good right now. Ahhhhhhh.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i think that i'm almost at the point where i can't pay any more attention to things. it makes me nervous since i don't know what's stable and what's not - and by freaking out over 447 point losses and 410 point gains - well it's just a roller coaster. i'll just hope that things rebound like i know that they will and hope that for now my money is safe.
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