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Ways to Unwind After Work

6 Ways to Unwind After a Long Work Day

Many of us blur the line between our private and professional lives, but Savvy readers know that it is important to have a little R&R every now and then, even if only for a few short minutes. Here are some tips to help you unwind and let go after a long day in the office, no matter how impossible it seems.

  • Take a bath: Nothing beats the feeling of a warm bath. Soaking in epsom salts will help relieve stress and soothe your muscles, allowing your body to unwind after a long day on the job. Don't have a bath? A hot shower works wonders too!
  • Light a candle: Sounds simple, but candles are a small, inexpensive luxury that create a relaxing setting throughout your home. Choosing scents like lavender is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Candles are the easiest way to create a calm environment after a long day in the office.

More ideas so keep reading.

  • Go for a walk: Many of us have office jobs that keep us indoors for a majority of the day. Set aside 20 minutes to go for a walk throughout your neighborhood. It's the perfect way to get moving and enjoy the outdoors, especially during warm Summer nights.
  • Stretch! Sitting in an office chair for several hours each day can make your body just as tight and achy as an intense workout. Try these simple stretches for desk dwellers and high-heel wearers to keep you working hard and feeling great.
  • Enjoy a light read: Crack open a book or magazine and escape into it. It is easy to get caught up only reading from a computer screen or ereader. Flipping pages will give your eyes a much-needed break from the screen, and nonwork-related content will help you forget any office woes.
  • Journal: Remember your teenage journal? Bring it back! Journaling can be the perfect way to unwind and reflect on your day. Journals also act as a great way to keep track of goals and inspiration beyond your Pinterest account
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