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Wedding Registry Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette: Choosing Stores For Your Registry

The very idea of a wedding registry can feel uncomfortable — as if you're doing the shopping for your guests — and then there's the issue of where to register. Do you pick one store? Five stores? And, for that matter, which stores do you pick?

You may choose to go with an online registry site that allows you to choose any and all retailers, but if you're sticking with a more traditional route, then it's best to narrow down your picks. Not sure where to begin? Check out these quick etiquette tips to guide you through the process:

  • Be helpful, not greedy. Your registry is a great way to offer guests a wide range of gift options, but it's also important that you don't go overboard. In the Emily Post registry etiquette guidelines, Anna Post writes, "While it's OK to have more than one registry, draw the line at three. You want to be helpful by offering your guests variety, not self-indulgent by listing your every wish in the world." Don't be afraid to scan plenty of items at each store so that the registry isn't exhausted by the first 50 guests.
  • When in doubt, go big. One way to keep things simple? Choose larger stores with a broader assortment of items to cover your every need. For instance, if you'd like some new camping products, then try finding them at a big retailer like Target rather than a more specific, boutique sort of shop. Not only will it make the entire process easier for you, but it will also result in a shorter, less overwhelming list of stores for your friends and family to choose from. Even better? The larger chains have several locations, so your out-of-town guests will have plenty of options in their own city.
  • Consider pricing. Your guests are sure to have different budgets, and some will hope to spend more than others. Go ahead and register at that luxury outlet, but be sure to scan items at a more affordable store, too. Then, at each place, do what you can to include any and all price points — everything from that high-end knife set to those inexpensive dish towels.

The bottom line: No matter where or how you register, be sure to keep your guests in mind. The point of your wedding registry isn't to create your ultimate wish list; it's to offer options for your friends and family who hope to honor your big day with a thoughtful gift.

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