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What Not to Buy on Black Friday

4 Black Friday Deals That Aren't Really Deals

As I was scouring through many of the Black Friday ads for the best deals, I noticed that there were no "before" prices cited on the ads. Sure, it's a chance for shoppers to get a good bargain, but retailers need to make money as well. A good number of the deals I looked through weren't exactly what I would call a deal. Here are some things you shouldn't buy at the Black Friday sales.


Office Depot, Office Max, Radio Shack, Staples, Target, and Walmart are all selling the latest versions of Kindle. They are the same price as the Kindles sold on Amazon, and Target even charges a higher price for it. And not to mention, you'll be paying sales tax with the purchase of a Kindle at one of these retailers. Don't bother getting a Kindle from these stores; instead, buy yours on Amazon.

Apple products

So far, there doesn't seem to be any good Apple product deals around. Best Buy is selling the Apple TV for $90, which is the same price that Amazon is selling it for online. The two iPhones that they are selling are older generation phones — the iPhone 3GS (Free) and the iPhone 4 ($99) — which you can buy at the AT&T stores. Even the Apple store doesn't usually offer deep discounts for its products during its Black Friday sale.

DSLR Cameras

The DSLR cameras are items you should stay away from when you're rummaging through the stores. In fact, I found that many of the cameras sold have the same price, or have a very minor discount. For example, Best Buy is selling the Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP DLSR camera and camera bundle for $480, while Amazon is selling the same camera for $488 (the price fluctuates; at one point I saw it for $452). You can buy a good camera bag that's worth $15 on Amazon. Although the bundle is a little more expensive when you buy it on Amazon, the price difference is very minor in proportion to the base price. I have a feeling that the price will continue to rise and fall, so keep watching the product listing.

Read on for more nondeals.


There seems to be a lot of big discounts with toys on Black Friday, but prices are set to drop even further during the first week of Cyber Monday, according to Dan de Grandpre, CEO of The exception: skip the toys with the minor savings, but if you have an eye on something, snap up the toy that has more than a 50 percent discount. For example, Walmart has a great toy sale going on, and I found a Power Wheels Jeep toy for $100, which is 60 percent off the original price of $250.

The takeaway lesson is to do your research and compare prices of the items before buying. If you find a deal in the store that you didn't see in an ad, be sure to follow our Black Friday shopping tips and do a quick comparison using the ShopSavvy app on your smartphone or other similar comparison shopping phone apps.

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