Costco is filled with a variety of items to buy in bulk. Read on to find out what Wise Bread thinks you should buy to get the most bang for your buck.

Warehouse stores are some of the best places to get a great deal — but you have to be smart about it! The number of people in your household, price, quality, and product longevity can all have a bearing on what items you decide to buy in bulk. Still, there are some clear deals when it comes to warehouse shopping. Here are 15 Items that are definitely worth buying at Costco, and will give you the most bang for your buck! (See also: Frugal Rules to Follow When Shopping at Costco)

1. Berries

In regular grocery stories, berries can be pricey. Costco usually has larger cartons for a fraction of the price. For example, get a 12 ounce container of blackberries for around $5.50, when you might get half as much at a regular grocery store for a similar price. (See also: Guide to Choosing Fruits and Vegetables)


2. Almonds

Costco is definitely the place if you're looking for lots of raw almonds. Pay just 12 bucks for a 3 pound bag of raw almonds, which is much cheaper than stores who sell much less for a similar price. (See also: The Best and Worst Nuts)

3. Olive Oil

If you're not super picky about your olive oils, Costco carries a line of Kirkland Signature extra virgin olive oil that's actually pretty good (and actually EVOO, not like some other brands that are impostors), and runs $15 for a 2 liter bottle. Get your cooking on!

4. Soda (and Beer)

If you're a soda drinker, Costco is definitely the place to keep you stocked. Major brands sell 32 cans (that's more than five 6-packs) for $12-$13 which is way less than you'd pay at a grocery store — or through a vending machine! With beer from Costco, you wind up with a case — four 6-packs — for what you'd pay for three 6-packs everywhere else. Who doesn't want a free 6-pack? (See also: How to Make Soda at Home)

5. Soy and Almond Milk

Though usually they come in packs of three, it's definitely worth getting soy and almond milk (in any flavor) at Costco. These 3-packs sell for approximately 20% less per container than normal store prices.

6. Frozen Meals

Costco frozen meals usually come in packs of four and they carry a couple different brands. The varieties change, but the price in the four pack is usually at least a dollar cheaper than it would be to buy all four meals at a regular store.

7. Rotisserie Chicken

The rotisserie chicken specials at Costco are out of this world! Depending on the time of year, Costco often runs chicken specials that will give you two chickens for $5, or give you a discount on the poundage. You can freeze the chicken, use the bones for a broth, or cut up pieces for sandwiches, salads and dinners. It's a steal! (See also: 25 Ways to Use Rotisserie Chicken)

8. Organic Chicken Broth and Boullion

A case of one-quart cartons of broth or a package of organic base lasts a long time in the pantry, so stocking up at Costco is definitely a good idea. You can get a 16 ounce jar of chicken boullion base for around $5, and six 32 ounce boxes of Kirkland organic chicken stock for around $14, which is a big savings on regular store prices.

9. Fresh Seafood

Every other weekend, there will be a booth at Costco selling fresh, low-cost seafood. Though seafood is usually fairly expensive, these deals can cut the cost of your seafood purchase considerably. For example, Costco routinely has mussels and clams in the $2 per pound range, which is a great deal! If you're throwing a dinner party, these seafood specials are a great way to bring some sophistication to your event without breaking the bank. (See also: Affordable, Sustainable Seafood)

10. Lunch

For $1.50, you can grab a full quarter pound all beef hot dog or Polish sausage and an extra large fountain drink, while loading up on Deli mustard and other toppings for free from the pump dispensers. You can also get a very large slice of pizza for $1.50, or grab a chicken bake, parfait, or salad from $2-$5. Get a big lunch, so you won't overspend when you're perusing the aisles!

11. Paper Products

Paper products like toilet paper and paper towels are a great Costco buy! Sure, you'll have to lug them home with you, but you'll get a lot more from your money buying these products in bulk.

12. Ink and Toner Cartridges

Provided you aren't switching printers anytime soon, it's a really good idea to buy a bundle of printer cartridges for your home printer at Costco. At an office supply store, ink can run you around $12 for just one. At Costco, you can usually get five for around $50. Not bad!

13. Kitchen Appliances

Luxury and staple kitchen appliances alike can usually bought at a large discount at your local Costco, and this is especially true if there's a rebate or seasonal deal. For example, the Magic Bullet electric grinder, which usually costs about $60, was on sale for just $30 earlier in 2013. (See also: 5 Kitchen Luxuries That Are Worth It)

14. Glass Storage Dishes

Get your multi-piece Pyrex storage sets from Costco, and you'll save a bundle from regular retailers. These sets usually last a long time, and have durable rubber tops for stacking and are around $30.

15. A Gym Membership

If you're cool paying for a year or two upfront, Costco is by far the best place to get a gym membership. For example, get a two year membership to 24 Hour Fitness for just $25 per month! That's way less than you'd pay through the gym itself, and far cheaper than most comparable gym memberships.

Costco is a great place to get a lot of specific deals. What are your favorite Costco deals?

—Rebecca Leib

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