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What to Buy From Thrift Stores

The 5 Best Deals in Every Thrift Store

Thrift stores are veritable gold mines when it comes to finding some new stuff just for you! Head over to Wise Bread for tips on where to go and what to buy!

If you’re an avid thrift shopper like me, you know that every second-hand store has its own unique personality. Some stores are great for furniture, others for clothing; some seem to have the market cornered on books, and a few just seem to have older and more unique items than all the rest. But regardless of the personality of your favorite store, there are five standard items that you should always be on the lookout for in every thrift store. Here’s my not-so-scientific list of the top five items that offer the highest savings when compared to retail.

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1. Shoes

If you can get over the mental roadblock of buying used shoes, it’ll do wonders for your budget. With decent-quality leather shoes ranging anywhere from $65.00-$85.00 retail, scoring a gently used pair for $6.00 means you’re saving at least 90%. Focus on condition and pay special attention soles and heels wear; avoid wear patterns that might affect your stride. Give leather some TLC with mink oil or shoe polish.


2. Belts

When did a buckled strip of leather with some holes at one end become worth $32.00? I’m pretty picky and my wardrobe reflects it, but I haven’t paid more than $4.00 for a belt in years. Sure, sometimes you walk away empty-handed. But if you’re willing to look and wait for just the right item, you can find great deals on all kinds of leather accessories like belts, wallets, and purses too.

Read on to Find More.

3. Jeans

When I was teenager, I saved for three months to buy a new pair of Guess jeans. I still remember the price back then ($40.00). Even in all their acid-washed glory that seemed like an outrageous sum. Today, that’s a bargain price for an off-brand. Thrift stores are great places take advantage of the growth spurts and fickle tastes of kids and pick up good-quality jeans for around $7.00. Deals on adult denim are easy to find too. It’s just takes a little patience, a few trips to the dressing room, and maybe a quick alteration.

4. Furniture

After you’ve been thrifting for a few years, strolling through most retail settings is like visiting a foreign land — you can appreciate the beauty, but you just don’t understand the locals. Nowhere is this feeling more pronounced that in furniture stores. $219.00 for a nightstand and $389.00 for an accent chair? What language are they speaking? Last month I made a quick pit stop at a local charity’s thrift center and found a club chair and matching ottoman for $80.00. It was so new it still smelled like the furniture store that had donated it. All it needed was one small repair to the roping detail along the top edge of the ottoman. It took all of ten minutes to make it look showroom perfect.

Check your local thrift store for lamps, nightstands, coffee tables, and bed frames. They can usually be found in perfect or near-perfect condition. Items in rougher shape can become weekend projects and get a second life with a bit of sanding and varnish or paint. Often the sheer quality of older items makes them worthy candidates for a salvage project. Look for quality markers like solid wood construction and dove-tail joints.

5. Books

Even if you have an e-reader, sometimes it’s nice to hold a book in your hands. And thrift stores are treasure-troves of good used books. Retail prices for paperbacks range from $12.99-$14.00; at most thrift shops, they’re $.89-$2.99. That’s a minimum savings of around 75%. Thrift stores in college towns and larger cities seem to have the quickest turnover in books and the best selection. Grab some coffee and stroll through their stacks.

Successful thrifting is all about persistence, knowing what you need today, might need tomorrow, and seizing a good a deal when you find it. If you know the right categories to mine, thrift shopping can be a way to save some serious cash by avoiding retail prices on as much as you can whenever you can.

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