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What Is Cheaper at Costco?

What Products Are Cheaper in Costco?

There's always this perception that you spend less at discount wholesalers than regular grocery stores. However, personal finance blog Squawkfox did a little price comparison investigation and found that it's actually more expensive to buy fresh foods at bulk stores. The blog advises to:

  • Buy Fresh Produce at Your Local Store: "Costco’s fresh produce tends to be more expensive than Superstore, based on unit price. For example, Costco’s gala apples sell for $2.13/kg, while Superstore offers the deal at $1.28/kg. I also found Costco to be more pricey for fresh vegetables, chicken breasts, milk, cheese, and coffee."
  • Get Frozen Foods From Bulk Shops: If you want your goods to last a little longer, you might want to purchase the frozen kind, which is cheaper in Costco. You'll be getting a bang for your buck; not only does the frozen food in the discount shop beat the local store in terms of price, but it also has higher quality.
  • Purchase Packaged Goods at Wholesalers: Squawkfox pointed out another interesting tip for bulk shoppers: the more "packaged" an item (sold in cans, jars, and tubes), the cheaper it will be at shops like Costco. "Stocking up on canned tomatoes, mustard, ketchup, and sandwich bread could save you up to 50 percent over similar brand name products sold at regular supermarkets."


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JanetG0307 JanetG0307 6 years
i shop at costco for a few things: shampoo/conditioner, tampons (seriously, 8 bucks for a box of 88?! target is twice that for half the amount!), and liquor. at my costco, you don't have to be a member to buy the booze, and it's super cheap!!!
Emily-Co Emily-Co 6 years
Wow, those are great tips @Lmendel530 and @iamdaphneblake!
iamdaphneblake iamdaphneblake 6 years
Liquor is much cheaper at Costco! Same for dog food, toilet paper, and books!
Lmendel530 Lmendel530 6 years
Costco has cheaper bulk items and some excellent sales esp. on toilet paper, paper towels, dvd's, beer, spices, etc The best part is the coupons!
amber512 amber512 6 years
After going to CostCo once, I did the math and figured out that my local grocery store has the same per unit price. Considering it's quite a drive to get to CostCo I'm sticking with shopping at WinCo.
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