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As part of our Stay Extraordinary series, we want to know how you are so extraordinary when it comes to money.

Times have been tough on the financial front worldwide, but you've managed to stay extraordinary with your financial portfolio by retiring your inner fashionista and replacing her with your inner frugalista. Congratulations to you! If you've been fighting a battle with your inner self, try out these tips to firmly side with your inner frugalista:

Sign up for financial management software to help you keep track of where you are spending and how much.
Look for areas of unnecessary spending that can be cut down to increase your savings.
Pay with cash, not credit. This forces you to save up the money for your expenditures and helps you monitor if you really need to make the buy.

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So tell us, how'd you do it?Click Here

jamie-ferrari jamie-ferrari 6 years
Just a quick comment about Diet Coke. I had to stop drinking it a few years ago because one of the ingredients was making me sick. But now Diet Coke has a new one that is made with Splenda! I love it and highly recommend everyone trying it so that they continue to make it. It tastes amazing and not like chemicals! XO
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