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Is AT&T Overcharging You? 4 Tips to Reduce Data Usage

Be alert consumers! A class action lawsuit has revealed that millions of customers may have been overcharged by AT&T, reports MSNBC. The lawyers handling the case hired a computer firm for $80,000 to test the gadgets against different carriers and found that AT&T "systematically overstated the amount of data used on virtually every transaction."

In fact, the company is being accused of routinely overcharging about seven to 14 percent on iPhones and iPads for data usage. However, there are cases in which the firm has overcharged up to 300 percent. These overcharges can on average cost you about an extra $10 to $15 a month.

Further, you might also be susceptible to "phantom" charges — engineers bought a new iPhone and disabled software and functions that would trigger data charges, and received a bill that charged them for 35 "phantom" transactions. AT&T customers, here are some tips to save on data usage and your money:

  • Check your data usage. Track your data usage constantly, just like you check your minutes and your texts. Take note of any transaction that doesn't sit right with you.
  • Use WiFi. When you can, use WiFi to reduce data usage and take advantage of the unlimited WiFi plan.
  • Check quickly with these shortcuts. Call *DATA# on your cell or download the myAT&T app to check the data usage.
  • Turn data roaming off when overseas. Don't end up with a huge bill after your travels and turn the data roaming on your phone off when you're abroad. Use WiFi instead and consider temporarily purchasing the firm's international data packages if you have need of it or will be overseas for a long length of time. For more ways to save when you're away from home, tech-savvy GeekSugar advises to turn your "Fetch" and "Push" functions off, Skype, and load up on offline apps before your international trip.
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nycactres80 nycactres80 6 years
I completely agree. For the months I had unlimited data i was using less than 1.5gb of data. Then I switched two 2gb data to save money. all of a sudden my i was using more data then before. I'm now with verizon which is sooo much better. plus my monthly bill is a lot cheaper and i never have to worry about my data charges.
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