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What Happens If My Husband Has Bad Credit, or No Credit at All?

You know it's important to maintain your own credit identity when you're married, but here's what ehadams is curious about: "What happens to credit when you get married? For example, if he has bad (or no credit) and you have excellent credit, what happens?" The answer to this is less complicated than going through the process of changing your last name! Find out what it is when you


In a nutshell, nothing happens to your credit when you get married. Your credit history is yours to keep, but it's important that you continue using the cards you already have in your name so that your credit history stays active. Your names will never appear on a credit report together — reports are generated for individuals only. However, if you and your husband open any joint accounts together those will appear on both of your credit reports.

While there is no such thing as "our credit score," your husband's credit could affect you (but not your credit score) because both of your scores are considered when you apply for joint accounts or a mortgage loan. You might be faced with higher interest rates on these joint finances than if you applied for them on your own. It would be beneficial for him to work on improving his score (or building some of his own history) before applying for a mortgage together or financing another major purchase.


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