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You've been impressing me with your fresh comments and I've selected my picks for the week. While everyone has been sharing awesome tips, making it tough for me to choose, here's some of your savvy comments that really stood out. Keep them coming!

I take out a set amount of cash on Fridays — that way, I have money to spend on the days I will probably spend the most (the weekend), but I also know that it needs to last until next Thursday. Ever since I switched to this method, I have saved TONS of money and I don't impulse buy. I used to use a combination of cash and card but it just didn't work out for me because I ended up spending more than I wanted to. Ever since I switched to this method upon my mom's advice, I've stressed less about money and have enjoyed myself more — guilt free!

See two more of your comments when you


I'm totally getting better at it! I used to take everything on, now I say well if you want this done . . .this needs to slide.

I was recently hired for my DREAM job and one things that I believe helped me was just dropping by and handing the employer a cover letter/resume, and introducing myself so that they could actually put a face with a name. It only took about 15 minutes but they called me for an interview a couple of days later. Also, my cover letter spent less time reiterating my resume and more time talking about why I am passionate about international education (which is what my new position deals with) in addition to qualifications. It took a lot of soul searching to the point of frustration at times ("just gimme the job already!") but I'm living proof that dedication to finding a job you really want and persistence will eventually pay off!


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