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You may be taking time off from work to go lounge on the beach this Summer, but you certainly haven't taken a break from sharing all of your savvy thoughts and tips. Here are some of your excellent comments from this week.

That's exactly why you DON'T make loans to family that you HAVE to get back. My family always said "only loan what you won't miss".

See two more of your comments when you


  • I'm Asking: Would You Confront a Bigoted Boss?: MartiniLush gracefully sticks to her guns —
  • I had a boss who was very religious (Christian) and she would constantly make these horrible, bigoted remarks about Muslims, knowing that my husband is Muslim! It was awful - I felt like I was constantly saying "yes, some Muslims may believe that/practice that way, but my husband doesn't"! Finally, I left a book on her chair about understanding Islam and after that, the comments were much less frequent!

    Here's the approach that we took: Prior to getting married, my husband and I both had Citi rewards credit cards (separate accounts, we both just happened to have cards with Citi because they have a decent cash back program). Rather than open a new joint account, we each added the spouse as an "authorized user". Thus, we both maintain our credit history PLUS we can double up our rewards.


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sfbutterfly24 sfbutterfly24 8 years
LadyAngels comment is exactly how I am. I only "loan" what I would not mind giving people as a gift. That way if they never pay it back I don't mind.
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