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Here are some of your memorable comments that stood out to me this week. I love hearing your savvy thoughts and tips, so keep them coming!

I was talking to my husband just the other night. We are trying to save more money and working on getting rid of our debt, even though we don't have an incredible amount. I think right now especially, but in general it's a much nicer feeling to know that you have what is yours and you don't have to worry about someone else taking it away.

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Quality, quality, quality. It's worth knowing what it is, how it feels, and why it matters. Try on clothes by designers, and understand what good fit, stitching and fabric feels like, even if you cannot afford it, because it helps you make more discerning choices even in less-expensive stores.

I'm buying cheaper groceries and eating smaller portions. I canceled the newspaper subscription and switched to a cheaper cell phone plan. I carpooled with my boss for a month, but he backed out.


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