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What's the Perfect Holiday Gift? Personality Quiz

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There's something for everyone at the Microsoft retail store, which is why we partnered with the brand on this post.

Instead of savoring a peppermint mocha, you're already stressing over what to get that certain someone on your holiday gift list. Whether it's your sister who has everything or your boss, figuring out the perfect gift is maddening. It's the time of year for feeling festive, so make it easy and take our quiz for selecting something unique for everyone you're shopping for.

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Who are you shopping for?

A guy
A girl

When you think of this person, this image comes to mind:

Who is this person?

A relative
Your boss
An acquaintance
Your significant other
A good friend
A co-worker

Pick something this person likes to do:

Does this person have a pet?


What type of job does this person have?

Something chill
Something crazy busy
Something creative
All business
Helping others

Where would this person go on vacation?

How old is this person?

Older than you
Younger than you

Pick a color that reminds you of this person:

Does this person have kids?


What does this person love to eat?

Is this person married?

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