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Based off women's magazines alone, it seems that the only fears that women have after turning 50 are related to wrinkles and looking older. Turns out, women are much more practical than that and they're not just worrying about problems that are only skin-deep. Barbara Grufferman, a Huffington Post blogger, polled readers over 50 on the one fear that keeps them up late at night and discovered that most women are afraid of not having enough money as they age.

Women already face an uphill battle, what with receiving lower salaries than men, and as recent Bureau of Labor statistics show, an unemployed woman is less likely to get hired over an unemployed man. Grufferman points out that the data shows, "of the new jobs that were created during the last 12 months, 90 percent went to men, in large part because employers are still more sympathetic to an unemployed man than an unemployed woman."

That's the reason why personal finance blogs like SavvySugar and LearnVest exist: to educate women about their finances and prepare them so they can enjoy their golden age of retirement without being bogged down by fears related to money issues. Women need to arm themselves with personal finance knowledge and start looking at their money with a more long-term view.

Let me turn the retirement question to you readers — how are you preparing for it and do you feel confident about having enough money to retire?

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