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What Is Your Plan B If You Lose Your Job

I'm Asking: What's Your Plan B?

Business school has served as a common back-up plan for many professionals when the economy and job market are in the dumps. The recession has seen its share of b-school applicants but this economic cycle also comes with a twist — it seems some MBA students need a back-up plan for their back-up plans. We're all being thrown for a loop and I know that I've come up with a couple of fall-back plans of my own, just in case. What's your plan B?


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BeautyEditor BeautyEditor 8 years
Going to grad school in Europe. MUCH cheaper than here in the US. I want to ride out this recession while bettering myself.
x3Lorelei x3Lorelei 8 years
comp sci major... i'm trilingual so my plan b is moving to another country!
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Not sure...
JenDeck711 JenDeck711 8 years
I'm on my Plan B...getting an MBA and an MS in biotechnology. Hurry up Obama, let the stem cells free!
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
My plan A isn't really concrete yet.
sugsug sugsug 8 years
Whoops...that being plan b is to join a national teaching program...3 weeks until I find out and getting anxious!
sugsug sugsug 8 years
My company just tried to hire an admin. We got over 400 applications the first day it was posted and took down the post. It's a crazy job market out there!
sorrowja sorrowja 8 years
Don't really have a solid plan b however there is always a demand for my job. Also, I've already killed myself with student loans for my master and I really don't want to go back to school. But if all else fails and I couldn't find work I'd go back to school and get certified in the medical field.
Advah Advah 8 years
A PhD - actually that's my plan A, I'm just postponing it for a few years.
emalove emalove 8 years
Don't really know...scary to think about. I have my teaching license and also a degree in counseling, so I guess if I lost my job as a teacher and couldn't find another, I'd have to look elsewhere in the human service industry.
margokhal margokhal 8 years
Don't really have a Plan B...going for a Ph.D. and get a job in research. Plan B I guess would be a research assistant or project manager. Or start back on the track to pharmacy school. If not that - dominatrix, freelance, become a blog star! :)
Spectra Spectra 8 years
Well, my husband just found out he WON'T be getting laid off and I work in health care, so a plan B probably isn't necessary, but if we really had to, I'd get certified as a personal trainer and do that and my husband would buy a wood chipper and start cutting trees down and making mulch. Oh, and we'd really up our Ebay sales...right now, we only sell things a few times a year, but we have enough crap to sell that we could really do a nice little business.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
If I failed the bar, I was going to open a B&B. thank god I passed ;)
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
huh - i guess this means that it's probably not the best time for me to apply to grad school then...if everyone else is. i've always wanted to go back and get my masters, but i'm assuming that it means that there will be a LOT more competition out there.
Deidre Deidre 8 years
To ride out the last months on the apartment lease and move to a cheaper place. Live super frugally off savings and fiance's support (perk of marriage!). Put most of my efforts into finding another job in HR/environmental work. And volunteer at local non-profits and take college extension courses in my field to beef up my resume and kill boredom until landing another gig.
monkeyinabarrel monkeyinabarrel 8 years
get married become a housewife
356UIK 356UIK 8 years
Hooters ;)
Colleeninator Colleeninator 8 years
Well, I'm double majoring in Computer Science and English. Computer Science is currently the major in highest demand, and Computer Science jobs are projected to keep increasing at incredible rates for years to come. There are twice as many Computer Science jobs in the United States right now as there are Computer Science graduates. And if for SOME reason that tanks, I could always be an English teacher.
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
:lol: Smacks, that is a great winning combo I must say! I would go back to admin work, everyone always need an admin plus I can substitute teach.
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
Plan B: Dominatrix work and dog walking. Weird but great combo!
Carrie-Sue Carrie-Sue 8 years
No plan B a this point...working a year to get up money before going back to school to become a teacher. I figured it was better that than take out a loan, and it looks like I was right :)
miss-malone miss-malone 8 years
Freelance is always a good option.
syako syako 8 years
Plan B - If I lose job, get on hubby's health plan and do some freelance work until I can find another full time job. Consider going for my Ph.D. since it is a goal of mine.
pinkmystic pinkmystic 8 years
... Hmm no plan b for me.. I'm trying to become an optometrist.. and I'll keep working at that.
skigurl skigurl 8 years
i don't have one....? i'm a public servant. i'll be okay.
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