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Where to Buy or Rent Cheap Books

Ways to Find Cheap Paperbacks For Poolside Enjoyment

With Borders bankruptcy and the explosion of Kindle and iPad sales, the journalism world is rapidly becoming digitalized, and the public has jumped on board. However, no matter how many sweet, pumped-up features a digital reading device can offer, I still love the feel and smell of a book and breaking a spine in, especially during the Summer when I'm lounging by the pool. If you share my love for old school paperbacks, then you'll enjoy these following book rental and shopping websites. May you finish your Summer reading list and get a fabulous tan simultaneously.

See our top sites to find cheap books.

Book Swim – Offering five different plans, from 1-book-a-month to 11-books-a-month, you have a wide range of bestselling books, including the New York Times best sellers list and Oprah's Book Club. Similar to Netflix there is unlimited reading, no due dates, late fees, or shipping fees.

Books Free – This site has similar features to Book Swim, but is cheaper and offers more plans. Search by book title, author, or ISBN. You can also browse by genres and recommendations, which offers an extensive list including "Contemporary Women," "Chick-Lit," and "Member Favorites."

Book Finder – I love comparing prices, and this site does all the labor for you. Don't let the slightly archaic graphics of this website discourage you from using it. In addition to searching books by their author and title, you can determine the language, if it's a first edition, a signed copy, currency, and if it's new, used, or out of print. An extensive listing will pop up, from least to most expensive.

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