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The Royal Wedding: Who Is Spending What

Out of respect for the tough economic climate, Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to tone down the extravagant grandeur generally seen in royal weddings. However, a burning question that runs through everyone's mind is, "Who is paying for this?" Here's a breakdown of the people footing the bill according to the AP:

  • The queen: She's paying for the 650-guest postwedding reception, which will be held at Buckingham Palace.
  • Prince Charles: He's footing the bill for the 300-guest dinner on Friday night.
  • Kate Middleton's parents: They are paying a "private contribution" for unknown items. Vanity Fair reported that the Middletons were forking over a six-figure sum.
  • Taxpayers: British taxpayers are covering the estimated cost of $11 million for the wedding security measures, which include 5,000 police officers who will be hired to keep spectators in line and to make sure the procession goes smoothly.

Looks like the royal lovebirds are ditching the expensive "father of the bride foots the bill" tradition. It's a pretty savvy move to have Prince William's side of the family chip in the most because the royals are obviously wealthier. This move might set a precedent for more bride and grooms to equally split the wedding costs. The royal wedding "could establish a new world order, where everybody is pitching in equally, or the people who can afford to are pitching in more," Carley Romey, editor of, tells the WSJ. Of course, it still doesn't seem quite fair that the public has to chip in for security costs.

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boringgrownup boringgrownup 6 years
Really that taxpayers are paying for all of it. Where do you think the Queen and Prince Charles get their money - from working at the factory?
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