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Who Should Keep the Ring in a Broken Engagement?

When a Couple Breaks Up Before They Marry, Who Should Keep the Ring?

In the latest Hollywood breakup news, 85-year-old Hugh Hefner has been jilted at the altar by his 25-year-old bride, Crystal Harris. Both parties claim to coping well; Hefner has tweeted that he's "happy to be single," and Crystal took to partying in Vegas on the day of the canceled wedding. Hefner's former fiancée might have had something to celebrate — she apparently got to keep the $90,000 three-carat diamond ring that the Playboy mogul proposed to her with, and a Bentley that he had given her.

There are so many things involved in the decision to give back the ring, such as who broke it off and traditional etiquette rules. If you're going by the legal system, you'll have to factor in where you live. In conditional gift states, which include New York and Michigan, the ring needs to be returned if there is no marriage. In an implied conditional state like California, it depends on who breaks off the engagement, and in an unconditional gift state like Montana, the ring does not have to be returned.

What's your take on this — if a couple doesn't end up getting married, who gets to keep the engagement bling?

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