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Why Should I Tip

Reader gumdrops334 Explains Why We Should Tip

Studies show that tipping doesn't improve service, which begs the question: why should we tip? Well, reader made a good point when she said, ". . . You really should tip about 15 percent at most restaurants. Your waiter is getting paid little to nothing hourly, so that tip is the only money they're really making for their job. Most waiters make about $2.15 hourly. Makes you think twice about not tipping, doesn't it?"

Another reader made a valid suggestion when she said, "Why can't we just do it like other countries and have the tip included. That would make life so much easier."

My question to you readers is, what if you received terrible service — would you still end up tipping 15 percent?



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amber512 amber512 6 years
I refuse to leave a tip for truly, truly horrible unrectifiable service. And I have actually done it quite a few times. The worst was when the waitress took my plate away while I was in the middle of eating. If my mouth hadn't been full of food I could have actually said something. I pointed, tried to grunt, but she was gone. Seriously? My plate was half-full and she didn't even ask and she never came back after that.
LJD LJD 6 years
I am a part time waitress, and here's my take. Poor service should be rectified, but not by passively attacking. If an occasion arises where the service I provide is lacking, my guest needs to bring it to my attention, or if they feel uncomfortable doing so, notify a manager. You should not leave my establishment feeling unhappy about your meal. People dine out to celebrate, relax, enjoy their company, or even to try new things. An experience should not be spoiled with the concern over how much to tip. The government assumes I make at least a 13% tip on each table, so I am taxed on 13% of my sales. If I get stiffed, I must still pay tax on the 13% of the bill the government assumes I earned, as well as tip out (which means I must give money from the tip I didn't earn to the busser, the bartender, the host, etc.). Now, before you get up in arms thinking you shouldn't tip more than 13% because servers are only taxed on that amount, that's just what the government assumes! IRS laws require that we declare 100% of our tips. So there are some nights when I average 18% of my sales in tips, so I declare that amount to the government. Other nights, I average a different amount, so I record that too. Ultimately, your server should be declaring whatever their true average is, but if you're leaving less than 13%, he/she is being taxed for the privilege of serving you. That's not fair. Bottom line, if something I'm doing has made you unhappy, PLEASE give me the chance to make it right. I'm a waitress because I love sharing great food, awesome beer, and fun times with folks. If I've let you down, I honestly want to know so I can the night back on track. I promise, I'm a whole lot happier to rectify a mistake than I am to open a check presenter and see less than 15%.
a1stbornunicorn a1stbornunicorn 6 years
I work in the food service industry so I know the difference between good and bad service and tip accordingly. If the service I receive is truly horrendous I will not tip, period. On the other hand, if you can not afford to leave a tip (or do not intend to- even for fabulous service), you shouldn't be eating out.
lauren lauren 6 years
I am the same way, I always tip more if the services was fabulous! If it was less than great, I def. tip less but for me it would be have to be horrible to not get any tip!
lolalu lolalu 6 years
Call me crazy, but I refuse to tip for poor service. I usually tip 20%, and will go down to 15% if service is subpar. But if a waiter is down right rude and inattentive to the point where I can't enjoy my meal, I don't feel bad about leaving not leaving tip. I don't care if they only make $2.15 an hr, a good tip should be earned. I'm not going to reward someone for doing a poor job.
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