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WikiLeaks Targets Bank of America

WikiLeaks to Target Bank of America

We've been wondering which bank the infamous WikiLeaks is targeting, and CNBC has just confirmed that it's going to be Bank of America, a SavvySugar favorite. We still don't have a clear idea of what will be released, and the date the information is going to be disseminated on, but I guess that's in line with the WikiLeaks culture of secrecy. It's interesting to see what readers thought of the controversial nonprofit, with 44 percent saying they would never give money to WikiLeaks, 25 percent stating they support the organization's cause, and the rest saying they don't have a strong opinion.

Founder Julian Assange, has made a lot of enemies, and many of them are calling to extradite him to Sweden, which his lawyers are fighting because they say it may lead to a Guantanamo Bay imprisonment or even the death penalty. Looks like he's about to add more enemies to his long list: BofA CEO Brian Moynihan and other executives from the bank.

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