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People will tax everything these days, from bloggers to witches. Members of Romania's Senate were apparently too afraid of being cursed to pass a proposal that will require taxation on witches and fortune-tellers, reports the AP. The idea was to demand receipts from those providing these supernatural services and hold them accountable for misleading predictions. It's still not certain if the lawmakers will be brave enough to try to draft that law again.

Meanwhile, fortune-tellers in Warren, MI, are now required to pay an annual $150 fee and undergo fingerprinting and a $10 police background check. It seems like it's getting quite expensive to be a witch these days!

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ampersand1 ampersand1 6 years
This is a business. Therefore, it should be taxed. These fortune-tellers and witches are providing a service and should rightfully be taxed. I am in complete agreement about, "are now required to pay an annual $150 fee and undergo fingerprinting and a $10 police background check." These people need to be held accountable for any misgivings that occur as a result of their "fortune-telling". There are horror stories about fortune-tellers that roll an egg on someone back, switch the eggs while the customer is facing away from them, cracks the egg, and inside is a snake. The fortune-teller then tells the customer I can get rid of the snake (representing evil in the person's life) for $3,000.00. This continues until the person is broke. I hope this practice is made a law is passed in all 50 states.
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