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Reality Check: Working at Starbucks, Just For the Health Care

Health insurance has become an invaluable benefit — if an accident were to occur and you didn't have coverage, you could be paying off a mountain of medical debt for years to come. A Reuters article highlights just how important insurance is for Americans when considering employment opportunities, and profiles a mother of three in Texas who has taken a part-time job just for the medical benefits.

That's right, full-time real estate agent Lisa DeWaal spends the first four hours of her days serving coffee at a Starbucks before heading to her office. DeWaal sought out employment with Starbucks solely for the affordable health insurance the company offers. Private insurance plans are burdensome for most households, and health experts say they've met plenty of people like DeWaal who are motivated to take or stick with a job because of the health benefits.

DeWaal begins her daily Starbucks shifts at 5 a.m, but those early mornings are worth it. The 20-hours a week at serving coffee allows her to rest easier at night because, for $180 a month, her family is insured. She commented, "Health insurance is exactly the reason why I have taken the extra job. It's company health insurance, which is a lot better than a private plan. I would put these extra hours into real estate if I had affordable health insurance."

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