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It's no secret that social networking sites can cause some serious stress in the workplace. In some cases, there's anxiety over whether you should share your Facebook or Twitter accounts with job recruiters. In other cases, well-crafted online profiles might give you a leg up with potential employers. Still, we're probably most familiar with stories where something seen on Facebook or tweeted into the blogosphere, lands someone out of a job. But what if it's not your social networking conduct that's in question? In the case of Friendly Fred, it's his boss who may be out of line.

In a letter to Fortune, Fred details how he was fired by his employer — without warning or severance pay — and soon after, friended by the very same (and now ex) boss. Obviously, the lay-off has left Fred with some less-than-fond feelings for his old boss, and while he's in no rush to accept the request, he fears ignoring, or even declining it, is poor Facebook form.

While Fortune's Ask Annie doesn't offer any quick fix for Fred's query, she does reveal the findings of a recent OfficeTeam poll that suggests that most of the workforce would be apprehensive about friending their boss on Facebook — preferring to keep their personal network separate from the office. What do you think? Would you want to be Facebook buds with the boss who fired you?

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