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We've shared opinions about combining money (or not) as a married couple, but how many of you have ever explored the idea of opening a joint account with your boyfriend? I can see how it could be convenient if you're living together and splitting bills, but it doesn't seem like it's a common thing to do before a couple is engaged or married. What's your take?


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julieann61971 julieann61971 5 years
Don't do it! It may sound easier but most banks will not take your name off the account if something happens! The account would need to be closed. If any charges are pending (from either debit card), the account must remain open until all of this clears. If you are not ending on a good note - it can get very ugly and potentially ruin your credit!
Annsara60 Annsara60 5 years
Me and my beau of six years share one big account...I need to know how to reverse the curse! He spends..(on stupid stuff like cigarettes and DD coffee) And I food shop on Sundays and could go the entire week not spending a dime, clearly he spends more than I. Does anyone have any suggestions? Tactful suggestions. I plan to sit him down and figure this out, together, because I think this is a silly speed bump we need to get over. One main account for paying bills and two separate accounts for individual spending, yes. But how to split up the spending money? What about going out to dinner or unexpected/large expenses?
mbro mbro 5 years
I have been with my boyfriend for almost five years, we have a house together, a dog, the works. We opened an account that we both put bill money into, but that's it. It works fine, and both of us need to sign the checks so one of us can't just take money out for whatever.
nyxmoxie nyxmoxie 7 years
No way. I like having my own private account and using my own money and saving as I wish. I trust my bf, he has good credit, nothing to worry about there but I still like having my own checking account. Its way too personal to share.
BabyBearCutie BabyBearCutie 8 years
the way me and my boyfriend has it. We each have our personal accts they we dont share any type of access too. And then we have one joint acct for household bills and items. So any bill for the apartment is pulled from there. I am a firm believer that doesnt matter what stage of life your in; married, boyfried, engaged. This is the best way to do it
tiffanyfuchsia tiffanyfuchsia 8 years
Definitely NO, this is a very bad idea. If something were to happen and he runs off with all the money in the account, you can't do anything about it. Splitting expenses is a lot easier to deal with than the financial mess this could cause.
CYL CYL 8 years
Kelsey...if you can prove that its a joint account, and the money you put in there is yours (ie paycheques and etc) his charges will have no basis. STILL even if you can't prove it, its a joint account, doesn't sound like he can sue you for it-especially if your name is on the account. Sounds like he is trying to scare you out of your money.
kelsey-dawn kelsey-dawn 8 years
DON'T DO IT!!i did it after i moved in with my ex back in june and we got a joint bank account where we BOTH were putting in money...and he kicked me out about two months later but my name was still on the account and over a span of a couple weeks i took out $120 which is nothing close to what i STILL have in there that i worked my ass off for and he pressed charges and now i might be looking at a felony and up to 3 years in jail for using my own money out of a bank account that i'm a joint owner on STILL!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i have lived with my boyfriend for the better part of our relationship, and in my opinion, i think that it could be ok - but we're really good about splitting things, that it doesn't matter. when the rent is due, he transfers $$ into my account so i can write the check, so it's really kind of like the same thing.
attorneymarina attorneymarina 9 years
I understand the position of a lot of the ladies here...and before I was with my boyfriend, I never would have done it. But the thing is, I trust him, I'm in law school and on financial aid, and he really financially supports me. We live in separate cities, and he pays for almost everything anyway because we can't live together while I'm in law school because there are no jobs in the podunk town where my top law school is located. But before I came to law school, we basically were like a married couple in actions and intent. And I was working and we split most things 50/50. I guess the main thing is that what works for some doesn't work for all. And we both have separate checking and savings, and the one joint checking. And both our paychecks would go to our separate accounts and we transfer them to the joint to maintain control and accountability. Not all bad. But I get the "hell no" sentiment...
Xandara Xandara 9 years
My ex and I had a joint bank account, and it only helped add to his abuse. When I didn't have a job, if I spent money on ANYTHING, he'd say I didn't have a job and didn't have the right to spend his money (then why put my name on the account at all!?). When I did have a job, he'd say, "you don't make that much money." Turns out, after I finally got rid of him, I can take care of all my bills just fine with "not that much money." What a dick. So yeah, I'd never, ever, EVER do that again. Abusive relationship or not, it's just another reason to have leverage over the other person. My boyfriend and I each have our own accounts and like it that way. If he needs money, I have no problem writing him a check, and vise-versa. We're very easy-going with money, and it's so much less relationship stress to take care of your own stuff! As far as our joint bills go, we don't keep track of who pays what - one month I'll pay cable and he'll pay electric, and the next month we'll switch 'em up. It really depends on how much money each of us has in the bank at the time! But we never let money get between us.
True-Song True-Song 9 years
"If you're grown up enough to open accounts and buy property together, then you're grown up enough to get married. End of discussion." Not this comment alone, but this general attitude that marriage is the ultimate goal of any relationship irks me. One, marriage is a fading institution that is quickly becoming more of a charmingly quaint tradition than any kind of real change in the status of a relationship. Two, there are ways to protect yourself legally without getting married.
True-Song True-Song 9 years
"To me it depends on the level of commitment there is... in a previous post similar to this, someone commented that the term "boyfriend" can mean a lot of things." That was me! Guy you've been dating six months? No. Guy you've lived with for three years? Kind of seems like a no-brainer. "what about the legalities of it??? if your hubby leaves you, there's a protocol. but if your boyfriend dumps you (or you dump him), there isn't much to be done. a judge will look at you like "hEw hAw"" Unless you have a living together agreement, as mentioned above. I'd like to point out that this kind of agreement is as much about how you will handle finaces while you're together as it is about what would happen if you split up. There's a link to a good template at I'm really surprised by all the "Oh, hell naw!" comments and all the talk of rings. Like rings automatically protect you from shadiness. Then again, I think what makes a joint account work for my relationship is two things: one, though unmarried, we're committed life partners. Two, we have very similar spending habits, and we live well within our means. I never look at our credit card statement and say, "What the heck did you spend $50 on at Target!?" because we easily have that $50 to spare. I think it would be much, much tougher if you need to stick to a stricter budget. (Not saying we are wealthy, just that our lifestyle leaves us with leftover cash most of the time.)
miss-ellie miss-ellie 9 years
No way!! The only way I would maybe get a joint checking account is if I was married to the guy, and even then, that is still a MAYBE.
millarci millarci 9 years
That's just not a no. That's a H*LL no! Unless there is a ring on my finger I'm not sharing any account with a b/f.
Marni7 Marni7 9 years
I fully trust my partner but not everyone feels a need to share their accounts purely for the reason that they dont feel like it. its not always about a matter of trust like some people are making it out to be. My relationship should not be diminished by ANY Means just because i like my independence and like things seperate.
missyd missyd 9 years
correction: You HAVE to have your OWN bank account
missyd missyd 9 years
wow I am blown away by some of the responses. Really? You wouldn't have a joint bank account with your partner of 5 YEARS??? What does that say about your relationship; about how you feel towards him? I dunno......I would REALLY have to trust someone to do the joint thing, but if after 4 years I don't fully trust him by now.....well.....???? I'm not saying BOTH of you put all of your money in there(you Ave to have your won independant account!) but for bills and such, can be super convenient.
thelorax thelorax 9 years
Oh HELL NO!!! I only very reluctantly put my husband's name on my bank account (and mine on his; we still have separate accounts) when, to our dismay, we were not allowed to deposit those infuriatingly cutesy "Mr. and Mrs. ___" until both names on the check also appeared on the checking account. There is NO WAY I would ever open up my assets like that to someone I was not married to.
Marni7 Marni7 9 years
My boy and I have been together 4.5 years and as much as I trust him, I would NOT do this!..I like things like that to be seperate, I am too independent to share anything like that even if he is the one with more assets than me
angel0950 angel0950 9 years
definitely not ready for a joint account with him even though marriage is down the line. i personally believe and like to have my own financial independence. maybe eventually we'll have some sort of joint account but ideally first and foremost i want to make sure that i am taken care of. selfish maybe but you never really know right? always important to take care of you!
mikmgan mikmgan 9 years
Ok ladies this is a no's not wise. Even if you are in a stable relationship and you guys talk about marriage every other day the joint account thing doesn't work until the ring is on your finger and the deal is done. Even then half the time it doesn't work if one or the other is irresponsible in money matters. As much as I love my BF I think it's wisest to keep things separate until the two become one so to speak. My mama always told me ain't no man guaranteed to you! You never know when you might find yourself on the single end once again. Then you have to goto the trouble of splitting things up and moving on to the next one. What are you going to do then get another account and start the cycle all over?
sarasonne sarasonne 9 years
Absolutely, yes. If you have to split bills it makes things sooo much easier. And it's not like you have to put ALL your money in it. My bf and I both put in about $600 each month for rent, utilities, and sometimes groceries and eating out. After being with someone for years, he doesn't have to be the only one to shell out for dinner all the time.
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