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Year-End Money Tip: Get a Head Start

I don't know about you, but to me, the end of the year seems like an endless stream of spending money. Expenses like gifts for family and friends, endless grocery store runs for holiday meals, travel costs, and higher heating bills might make you throw your hands in the air and fall off your financial course. Don't lose perspective as you head into the final days of 2008 just because you've become accustomed to taking out your wallet.

Keeping up with your healthy financial habits will set you up for a smooth transition to the New Year. Continue doing all of the things that have made you successful this year, like packing your lunch and using coupons. It's easy to fall into an all-or-nothing mode with money, so stay strong as we approach the year's end. You could even consider it a head start to being savvy in 2009.


brownh brownh 8 years
Outside of student loans (which I don't have to start paying since I'm still in school) I think that I have about $300 total in credit card debt so I'm really planning to pay off those two cards by the end of January...I'm just really tired of paying my credit card bill more than spending the money outright - I'd rather save for something and pay cash for it now.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
Don't want to be a pest, but I revamped my budget template for 2009 and wanted to share:
prefectiondiva prefectiondiva 8 years
I'm pulling out the money books again & getting my finances in order. I highly recommend Suzie Orman!
krae85 krae85 8 years
christmas made my wallet cry :(
acf222 acf222 8 years
This is a good time to evaluate fixed expenses. For example, check out your cell phone usage and what your monthly bill is. Are you using all of those minutes? If not, switch to a cheaper plan. If you're constantly going over your minutes, trade up and give yourself a break from those crazy overage fees. I just did this and found that I wasn't using most of my minutes so I switched to a lesser plan and cut my bill down by $40 a month (or $480 a year)! Do the same thing for your cable, land line, etc.
gemsera gemsera 8 years
Ive already booked my microsoft certification exams for the 7th of january, to give my resume a good bump up in case I loose my job in the new year. no probs spending money on good things for the resume :) but other costs are nil at the moment yay :)
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