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Are You Careless With Energy Use While Staying in Hotels?

The perpetually clean bathrooms, plush bath towels, fresh sheets, and anytime room service make hotels divinely liberating. There's another element of home life I've noticed some people ditch when they're staying away, and that's flipping off the light switch when they're not in the room.

According to Claire Newell, author of Travel Best Bets, being conscientious about your energy use in your hotel room is a travel rule to live by, just like the middle seat person on a plane getting both armrests. She encourages people to "pack their environmentally friendly habits when they travel," meaning turning off the lights and not taking longer showers than you would at home.


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aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Not so much, it's force of habit for me...
Calimie Calimie 8 years
I don't consciously use more energy when staying in a hotel. I usually behave the same as at home, so no problem there.
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
same as most people above, i run the AC more, and i keep more lights on if im in the room and need them obviously, like for makeup application etc. otherwise, im good about keeping them off if they dont need to be on.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
It's about the same for me, but when I was in Honduras, we stayed in a room with a nice little window AC unit. It stayed in the 90's at night, so we ran that sucker 24/7...not something I'd typically do. One of the coolest things I ever saw was at a hotel room in Frankfurt, Germany that I stayed in. It was a sort of docking station for your hotel key-card. When you entered the room, you put the keycard in the station and only then could you turn on the lights and use the outlets. That way, when you left and took your keycard, you wouldn't inadvertently leave the lights on in your room. I was sort of surprised that more hotels in the states didn't have a similar system.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
I turn off lights and actually don't care to use hotel air conditioning so I am about the same.
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 8 years
The only difference is that I'm more liberal with the air conditioning in a hotel room.
Frenched Frenched 8 years
I always turn off the lights if I'm not using them. That's just me. I don't necessarily pay for the utilities in apartment and I still try to conserve energy. I just think it's common sense.
Karelynn Karelynn 8 years
Yes, sometimes I'll turn the air conditioning up higher than I would at home, or take a slightly longer shower. I make sure to turn off lights and turn that a/c back down before I leave the room though.
mondaymoos mondaymoos 8 years
The main difference is when I get a hotel room, I get one with a whirpool tub, and I know that uses a lot more water than my standard shower. Othwerise, I turn off the lights, etc.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
not really - i'm pretty much the same at hotels that i am at home. i don't leave lights on that i don't need, and i don't leave the tv on when i's pretty much a routine for me. just cause i'm not paying for the electric bill doesn't mean that someone else isn't
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
We don't travel that much (once a year) so when we do, staying somewhere that is all made up for us is nice, we enjoy the quiet and usually aren't in our room but out doing other things. I guess at most I'll take a really long hot shower or bath but that's about it.
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