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Are You Guilty of Sharing TMI at Work?

It's easy to get comfortable at work — logging long hours with your co-workers during company retreats and office happy hours can blur the lines between business hours and social hour. But when it comes to sharing personal anecdotes, too much can affect the way you're perceived at the office.

In some cases, sharing stories can bring you closer to your co-workers in a good way. Talking sports or local news around the watercooler makes you more social, and can even get you noticed with peers and superiors. But recounting the personal details of your bad dating history or your tendency to drink too much, could earn you a reputation as a co-worker to avoid. Even worse, oversharing at the office can make you a likely candidate for dismissal. In the midst of tough economic times, a company looking to cut back, may trim the fat by eliminating the person they think spends too much time discussing personal problems — and consequently, threatens company productivity.

Obviously office culture plays a big part in the kind of chatter deemed appropriate, but while I'm sure there's a co-worker you might call out for sharing too much with you — tell me, have you ever been guilty of sharing too much at the office?

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