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Are You Honest in Your Relationship About Spending?

Are You Honest With Your Honey — About Money?

The other day I caught myself telling a little fib. My guy asked how much I spent on a certain pair of shoes, and I couldn't bring myself to share the deets. Instead, I gave a revised answer, reworking the numbers in my head, and came up with a price I thought might go over a little better. Regardless, he caught the grin on my face, and I spilled the beans and came clean about the actual cost.

After going over the scenario in my head, I have to admit I was a little embarrassed about my unnecessary fib. At this point in our relationship, we've been together for a while, but we're not linked financially. I have a completely separate bank account, and I'm financially independent — of anyone — let alone him. So, why the embarrassment at the cost of the shoes? I suppose even I felt silly splurging, but I've come to terms with the purchase. I'd eyed the goods for over a month, I had the money to spend, and I'm still saving to meet my other financial goals. After the incident, I've become a little more secure in my financial skin — I'm not going to go around revealing the costs of all my bargains and splurges, but certainly, I've realized I can level with my guy about my spending. No, he doesn't need to know everything, but if he asks, he'll get the truth. What about you — when it comes to spending, are you honest with your honey?

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