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The package has your name on it and it's wrapped in pretty paper, and the item inside is something that's generally likable. It may not scream your taste, but it's the thought that counts, right? There are two arguments surrounding regifting: One that thinks it's a prudent time-saver, and one that says it's tacky.

Barbara Bitela, author of The Art of Regifting is among the supporters and said, "It's not really the price tag but the generosity in your heart when you step up to the plate, take the time to wrap it, put someone's name on it, smile and present it." Lizzie Post of the Emily Post Institute disagrees that regifting is acceptable and said, "I don't think just because the economy's bad, it gives you a reprieve to regift. Do homemade gifts, cut back on your list and let people know you can't afford to gift this year."


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SlingMoiBack SlingMoiBack 8 years
Oh come on, folks, if you re-wrap a gift and pass it off as something you spent time and money to pick out? Not only is that tacky, it's fraudulent. Even if you are upfront and honest and say, "I received this as a gift and it's the wrong/size/color/style for me, but I instantly thought of you when I saw it, would you like it?" you are subtly implying to your recipient that the gift wasn't good enough for you, but maybe it will be for them. That's just downright insulting. Instead, why not do the only honorable thing when faced with an unwanted or unneeded gift and donate it to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or another local charitable organization. One person's trash is another's treasure and you'll be helping out a good cause to boot.
l3wilso l3wilso 8 years
Love regifting. While I may not like, someone else will. I never give gifts to people I do not like, that is tacky.
Cassandra57 Cassandra57 8 years
Regifting is perfectly fine *if* it's appropriate for the recipient. And def never regift to the person from whom you received the item. Unless it's a standing old friend and I passed the same cute gift box back and forth for several years (new contents each Christmas!). For random crap, I just pass it on. Our break room at work is great for that; people sometimes bring in anything from their kids' outgrown clothes to excess fruit from their trees at home. Last year I passed on a cologne set my young teen son received (from clueless relatives) that way. Anything left there quickly finds a claimant!
OoOThisIsMeOoO OoOThisIsMeOoO 8 years
what's the big deal?! if you don't like the gift and are never going 2 use it, isn't it just a waste 2 keep it? might as well give it to someone who will use it and who will like it.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
OMG. Times are tough. Regifting is fine. Just remember where you got it or you'll end up like SummerJams above.
summerjams summerjams 8 years
well.. i regifted a bath gel that was from my dad to my friend for a christmas gift (christmas isnt a big holiday where i am from), and she regifted to me the next year for my birthday. it was weirdddd.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
I don't think it's too bad, it all depends on the situation like most people said here. Although last night we had a white elephent and I got the LAMEST regift EVER. ALL the other presents were awesome and obviously we all spent about the same amount then at the VERY end I got stuck with this weird thing that looked like she just picked it up randomly in her house, put it in a USED box (there was dirt and old candle wax inside). It was a bummer, but what can you do? So only when it's obvious like that do I mind.
Vaadsfweytes Vaadsfweytes 8 years
No, I don't find it to be tacky because during holiday times, I have to buy gifts for a lot of people just for the sake of giving them gifts. Many times, I am too busy to even try to figure out what they really want. So as long as the gift is appropriate, I don't see why not - just make sure that they don't find out.
esmerb esmerb 8 years
Is it bad that I think regifting will be big this year?!
karisaamy karisaamy 8 years
I really don't think it's ever ok to give it as a gift agian, sure you can hand over something you didn't really want to anouther person who would like it. But wrapping it up and actaully giving it as a gift is tacky. If you get something you don't like just go return it and get yourself something you do like. Or if you want keep the store credit and use that for presents later.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that it's ok to re-gift. honestly, if you get something and you know that you're not going to use it but you know that someone else will, then it's fine. i just think that you have to be careful that you're not going to upset the person that you got the gift from - so you have to make sure that there's not a chance of cross over there.
jennythereader jennythereader 8 years
I think in most cases it is somewhat tacky, but there are exceptions. For example, if you do something to personalize the re-gift I think that's OK. It's also acceptable to re-gift as a "just because" gift, rather than as a "special occasion" gift.
Mesayme Mesayme 8 years
Depends on what it is and whether the person I would give it to would appreciate it. My family and friends wouldn't be offended at all. Otherwise, I give it to Goodwill. Still regifting but to someone who would appreciate it. Anytime I'm given something I don't like or can't use, I give it away. What's the alternative? Throwing it away? I won't do that.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
I regift. If it's something I don't like and will never use but know another person will. I hate for someone to spend money on me... and then I never use said gift. I would much rather regift to someone I know would love it. That being said, don't regift to someone who knows the person the original gift came from. That is tacky.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I normally don't regift, but sometimes it works out really well. One year, our holiday door prizes were George Foreman grills...really nice ones with the removable plates. Well, my aunt had mentioned to me earlier that she had ruined hers by not cleaning it right. And since we got 2 GF grills for our wedding earlier that year, I didn't have a use for a third I gave it to my aunt for Christmas. And she was PSYCHED! I couldn't have picked a better present :) So yeah, sometimes it's a good idea, especially if you know the other person will use it or appreciate a lot more than you will.
SillyGirl SillyGirl 8 years
I agree - If by regifting you are giving someone a gift that you received thats nice but you "just arent that into it" but you know someone else would REALLY appreciate it then give it (if you wont get caught). Or if you get a hostess gift candle and you are going to another party of someone you dont know well, then sure regift the hostess candle. But dont just regift some dull gift to someone just to give them a gift.
krae85 krae85 8 years
I think it's a tad tacky. I only re-gift to people I don't like. ;)
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
I agree with others. I don't think you should just give someone a random gift you have sitting around that you don't want, but I don't see a problem with regifting something that the you will never use, that the recipient will love, and that is brand new!
amerikanbeanhead amerikanbeanhead 8 years
I always keep the bath sets that I get from people ( really sensitive skin, and the scents in it are really bad for me) on hand for emergency gifts....I really do not see how re-gifting is bad! Its the thought that counts!
JaeB JaeB 8 years
Oops. *would enjoy it's presence.
JaeB JaeB 8 years
If it's a brand new item you don't love but immediately think is PERFECT for a certain someone who, again, immediately comes to mind, THEN I think it's okay to box it, wrap it and re-gift it to that person. Otherwise, it'd be tacky. For example, I get a cute pink Japanese cartoon bloody bear toy as a present from a friend who knows I like Japanese anime/manga stuff, but I reeeally don't want to have that staring at me all the time, I know to give it to my sister who LOVES that kind of Japanese anime stuff more than me and would enjoy it's present. See? Then I have honored the present by carefully finding it an owner better suited to it, and I have made someone else very happy...I haven't just given them clutter! In any other case, where you juuust might be giving the person clutter, I think it's more of a casual, "Hey, would you like this bear toy I got? I haven't got a place for it," situation. Or a "Hmm...I've got these new jeans from so-and-so, but they don't fit me so well. If you like 'em, you can try them on." Not a re-gift, but still a potential present. :)
skigurl skigurl 8 years
i also disagree with lizzie post's comment "let people know you can't afford to gift this year" a comment like this coming from someone who normally gifted me (or even someone who normally didn't but might have this year, like a new colleague) would make me REALLY uncomfortable don't give anything or give a card or regift a small item like chocolate or wine before you ever admit you can't afford awkward
skigurl skigurl 8 years
it's tacky if it's obvious but if it's something totally legit that i'd actually buy the person and i just happen to not have any use for it (or especially if it's something like a bottle of wine which is totally generic and you'd never get caught for it) then why not? it depends on the person, the item, and the relationship you have with both parties, but for totally generic gifts, like office gifts, then whatever
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