25+ Iconic NYC Landmarks That Belong on Your Instagram Feed

New York City is hands down one of the most iconic cities in the world. It's home to stunning architecture, hip and unique restaurants, endless alleyways and hidden corners, and neighborhoods that are so different and self-contained, they could be their own small towns. In the five boroughs, there's no shortage of things to do — and more importantly, places to see. All of the things that make New York so iconic also make it an Instagrammer's dream come true, with infinite possibilities for backdrops and focal points for your next post or story. So whether you're just visiting or you call the Big Apple home, these destinations are a foolproof way to get a perfect snap for your feed.


The Met Cloisters

Snap a photo at the Met Cloisters for a beautiful backdrop that looks straight out of medieval Europe. The museum building itself is made up of the parts of several French abbeys, with stunning gardens throughout the grounds.


Dumbo, Brooklyn

Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, and is one of the most iconic locations for Instagram photos in New York City. Just make sure you watch out for cars to get that perfect backdrop of the Manhattan Bridge.


Brooklyn Bridge

On a nice day, the Brooklyn Bridge can be packed to the gills with tourists, and for good reason: the iconic stone bridge is the perfect backdrop for your Instagram. Beyond that, it's a perfect spot to get sweeping views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.


Soho, Manhattan

Head down almost any side street in Soho and you'll find an old cobblestone road with gorgeous historic buildings to take a top-notch Instagram photo. It doesn't get more iconic New York than that.


The Whitney Museum of American Art

With one of the best collections of American art in the country, the Whitney is full of Instagrammable backdrops that are sure to make you look cultured and artsy. On a nice day, head outside to one of their terraces for incredible views of Chelsea.


The High Line

The High Line is one of the most unique parks in the city. The elevated park used to be a train track, and is now home to a range of native plants, wildflowers, and art installations that are ideal for the perfect photo.


Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

Central Park is a spectacular backdrop for photos on its own, but the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain is one of the best places in the park to snap a picture or two. The lower passage is beautifully decorated with gorgeous yellow stone, while the upper terrace gives you great views of the park.


Times Square

If you can brave the huge crowds, Times Square is worth a visit for its photo-worthy lights and hustle and bustle. Head there at night, when it's dark, to really capture the bright lights.


Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

If you're looking for quintessential Brooklyn brownstones, look no further than Cobble Hill. This quaint neighborhood feels like a small town with plenty of restaurants, shops, and tree-lined streets for you to capture.


Grand Central Terminal

The iconic ceiling in Grand Central Terminal is decorated with a mural of constellations, offering you the chance to both cultivate FOMO in your Instagram followers and get in touch with your astrological side. Pause for a moment among the rush of commuters to take in the stunning architecture.


Joe Strummer Mural

Though The Clash is best known as a British punk band, the group spent some of their most productive years in New York City and remain an iconic part of the city's musical history. Cozy up with revolutionary heart throb Joe Strummer in front of this mural on the side of Niagara Bar in Alphabet City.


Gramercy Terrace

Brunch has never looked so dreamy. Escape to this urban jungle in the Gramercy Terrace at the Gramercy Park Hotel while visiting the chic neighborhood it's located in.


Coney Island

With dazzling colors and an iconic amusement park, Coney Island will bring a pop of candy-coated charm to your Instagram feed. Hop on the Wonder Wheel to get some bird's eye shots of the beach and boardwalk.


Pietro Nolita

Pietro Nolita is proof that the millennial pink trend is very much alive. The trendy restaurant's exterior is just as Instagrammable as its interior. A photo with this 1950s-style restaurant is the quickest way to make yourself look like a top influencer.


The Guggenheim Museum

Looking for a place to show off your sophisticated side? Adorn your feed with art and architecture (and maybe even a celebrity or two) at the Guggenheim Museum on Manhattan's Upper East Side.


Reading Room, New York Public Library

Welcome to book heaven! Live out your New York literary fantasies with a picture of Manhattan's most-loved spot to read. Just remember to keep quiet.


Oculus at the World Trade Center

Get a taste of the future at the Oculus at the World Trade Center. This giant eye-shaped structure will give you serious sci-fi vibes. The blank white, symmetrical features are sure to make an eye-grabbing post.


Green-Wood Cemetery

Get in touch with Gotham's grittier side in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery. Skyline views and the stunning Gothic arch will give your feed a spooky aura. Perfect for October!


Panna II

Fans of Netflix's Daredevil series might recognize this colorful Indian restaurant. Panna II, located in Manhattan's East Village, is decorated with thousands of stunning lights in all the colors of the rainbow.


Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

No matter what the time of year, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are worth a visit. In the Winter, head inside to the greenhouses to snap your photos with cacti, and in the Spring, take advantage of the gorgeous cherry blossom backdrops outside.


Serra by Birreria

This restaurant is like a little taste of Scandinavia right in the middle of the city. Snap a picture with the iconic Flatiron Building in the background, or pose among the stunning, Winter-inspired decor that really make Serra by Birreria one of the most magical places in the city.


Loeb Boathouse, Central Park

The Loeb Boathouse is located right in the middle of Central Park and looks out over one of its lakes. It's been a favorite spot for many a New Yorker for over 150 years, and it's still one of the most stunning backdrops you can find in Manhattan.


Washington Square Park

Though it was built more than a century before the birth of Instagram, the Washington Square Arch in Greenwich Village offers the perfect frame for a shot of the Empire State Building. The buskers and performers that populate the park offer more opportunity to fill your feed with classic New York character. Mrs. Maisel approves!


Chinatown, Manhattan

The colorful signs, crowded streets, and fascinating sights of Manhattan's Chinatown are like a sensory overload. No matter which way you turn, there's something new to see.


Love Sculpture

Robert Indiana's iconic pop art sculpture lets you get a taste of fun right in the middle of the bustling Midtown crowds. Work the contrast between the bright sculpture and the gritty streets for maximum effect.


Jane's Carousel

Let your whimsy run wild. The many twinkling lights on this hand-carved 1920s carousel in Dumbo will light up your feed with a golden glow of nostalgia.