The Best Political Costume of 2016 Has Nothing to Do With Donald Trump

POPSUGAR Photography/ Arturo Torres
POPSUGAR Photography/ Arturo Torres

Former President Bill Clinton became a kid again when celebratory balloons dropped at the DNC this year, and it was the lightheartedness the internet needed during this contentious election. Bill and his balloons became an instant meme, and they'll make a simple and hilarious Halloween couples costume this year. Perfect for last-minute parties or easy Halloween getups for the office, you can either dress up with a partner or by yourself.

How to Create It Yourself

POPSUGAR Photography/ Arturo Torres

To re-create Clinton's balloon-tastic DNC experience on Halloween, you'll need:

  • A suit and tie
  • Several red, white, and blue balloons
  • Tape, to attach the balloons to a dress or other garments
  • A gray wig
  • Bill Clinton's look of pure, unadulterated glee

One person should wear the suit and wig, while another covers themselves in balloons. We're sure you'll be smiling all Halloween anyway, but just remember that your enthusiastic expression really drives the point of the costume home!

Doing a solo costume? Simply wear that suit and carry a large balloon to your Halloween event!

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POPSUGAR Photography/ Arturo Torres