The 15-Day Confidence Challenge: Believe in Yourself More Than Ever

Do you get incredibly nervous in job interviews? Does the thought of talking in front of a group of people freak you out? Maybe you just want to believe in yourself more than you do right now. No matter what it is, we created a 15-day challenge that will help to instill more confidence in yourself. You are amazing! You just need to realize that on your own. Do these activities for the next 15 days and you will feel like a new person.

  • Day 1: Write positive affirmations on sticky notes and stick them to every mirror in your house.
  • Day 2: Introduce yourself to three people you don't know.
  • Day 3: Make an effort to dress for success every day going forward.
  • Day 4: Take a selfie and post it on social media.
  • Day 5: Volunteer to start a club or recreational group after work.
  • Day 6: Go to a karaoke bar and sing at least one song.
  • Day 7: Think about your posture — make sure you're standing tall all the time.
  • Day 8: Work on accepting compliments rather than denying them.
  • Day 9: Attend any kind of class on your own and socialize with the other attendees.
  • Day 10: Give someone a good piece of advice.
  • Day 11: List out all of your accomplishments and keep adding to it in the future.
  • Day 12: Make a presentation or speak in a meeting at work.
  • Day 13: Host a party at your home.
  • Day 14: Plan a solo vacation somewhere unfamiliar.
  • Day 15: Remember how far you have come and use your confidence to take control of your happiness.