Adios, Underboob Sweat! These Ice Packs Are Made to Slip Right Into Your Bra

POPSUGAR Photography | Diggy Lloyd and Polar Products
POPSUGAR Photography | Diggy Lloyd and Polar Products
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Every once in a while, a product comes along that makes me think, "Why the heck didn't I think of that?!" and that was exactly the case with these ice packs made specifically for your bra. I know, genius. For the days when you literally have to tuck tissues under your gals to prevent underboob sweat from ruining a perfectly cute outfit, the Cool58 Bra Coolers ($37, originally $41) have your back . . . well, your boobs.

The coolers come with cotton covers and are available in all bra sizes. A single set for cup sizes A, B, and C is $37, originally $41. For a D cup and larger, it's recommended to order a double set, which is an additional $37. If you're still reading this and haven't already slammed "add to cart," let this avid shopper's review convince you: "I used the bra coolers the first day that I got them . . . Best purchase I have made." Another reviewer added that the product has been a "lifesaver" for living with multiple sclerosis.

Polar Products' bra coolers can be activated in the freezer, refrigerator, or even in ice water, and they reportedly stay cool for up to two hours. So, who's with me in popping these discreet ice packs into our bras and stopping the Summer epidemic that is boob sweat?!