26 Pieces of Disney Park Halloween Merchandise to Die For This Year

Disney Halloween merchandise is arguably the very best kind of Halloween merchandise! It's the perfect blend of spooky and cute, colorful and creepy, and always so clever that we wonder why we didn't think of it first. This year is no exception, and Disney parks have pulled out all the stops for their 2019 collections. This year's offerings include the expected stuff like Halloween-themed Mickey ears and graphic tees, but there's also some amazingly creative items like a Hocus Pocus spellbook clutch purse. If you're ready to see this year's scary-good gear, keep reading for some of our favorite picks from Disney's 2019 Halloween merchandise!


Jack Skellington Mickey Ears

Themed Mickey ears are a staple of every holiday at Disney, and this year, they've gotten a Nightmare Before Christmas twist.


Hocus Pocus Dress and Book Purse

Nothing combines Disney, Halloween, and nostalgia like Hocus Pocus! This year, Disney has a double dose of witchy goodness: a dress with a fab skirt featuring the Sanderson Sisters, and a crossbody bag in the style of their spellbook.


Haunted Mansion Mickey Ears

This Halloween is a particularly special one at Disneyland: it marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Haunted Mansion! To celebrate, the parks are selling these limited-edition ears with images from the ride.


Candy Corn Minnie Ears

This year's Halloween Minnie Mouse ears are adorably sequined. Her trademark bow is transformed, with the bow loops turned into sparkly pieces of candy corn.


Candy Corn Backpack

It's designed to perfectly coordinate with the candy corn Minnie ears or to stand on its own. Covered in black sequins with candy corn accents and cute little ears on top, it's more of a treat than a trick!


Haunted Mansion Ghost Wishables

As part of the parks' 50th anniversary Haunted Mansion celebrations, they've released these cute little plushies of some of the ride's most iconic ghosts.


Dia de los Muertos Mickey and Minnie Ears

Disney's Coco is the latest entry into Halloween-adjacent Disney programming, and with it comes tons of merch. We love these colorful, skull-themed ears that evoke the Mexican holiday and a hint of Halloween, too.


Halloween Disney Collectible Pins

Disney fans know that there's nothing more fun or exclusive than collecting (and trading!) colorful Disney pins. The parks are offering an assortment of fun and spooky Halloween-themed pins to add to your lanyard right now!


Mickey Ears Jack-o'-Lantern Backpack

It's the cuter side of Halloween. This compact and colorful backpack has plenty of room for all your park-trekking essentials, all tucked behind a cutely grinning pumpkin with Mickey ears.


Hatbox Ghost Mug

The Hatbox Ghost is a fan-favorite piece of Disney lore: an original part of the Haunted Mansion that was removed early in the ride's history for technical reasons and only recently replaced. This heat-sensitive mug replicates the ghost's appearing and disappearing act.


BB8 Pumpkin Pin

It's the ultimate collision between Halloween and Disney's latest acquisition, the Star Wars universe. The roly-poly droid is ripe for a Halloween take, with a cute pumpkin replacing his rotund mechanics.


Haunted Mansion Belt Bag

Instead of being in-your-face about its Halloween style, this Haunted Mansion-themed mini purse is a little subtler, with its purple and black curlicues.


Disney Halloween Shirts

A wide variety of Halloween-themed shirts are available at the parks this year, from subtler jerseys to full-on colorful printed tops.


Hocus Pocus Charm Bracelet

Made by a small jewelry company and sold right in Disney World, these mix-and-match charms add a touch of whimsical Halloween spirit to otherwise sleek, silver jewelry.


Not a Mourning Person Mug

We've all felt this way before we've had our coffee, to be honest. It's a cute and punny mug with plenty of capacity for your morning dose of caffeine. Oh, and it has a shovel spoon!


The Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments

It's never too early to think about Christmas! These spooky, gorgeously detailed ornaments bring a holiday vibe to your Halloween decor or a Halloween vibe to your Christmas tree — or both!


Poison Apple Votive Candle Holders

What would Halloween be without a little spooky flickering light? With these poison apple-shaped votive holders with eerie skull cutouts, you'll have multiple levels of scary for your Halloween mood lighting!


Mickey Ghost Candy Bags

Every kid needs a roomy, cute bag to hold their Halloween goodies!


Hocus Pocus Purse

Disney collaborated with fashion brand Dooney and Bourke for these limited-edition purses featuring the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus.


Glow in the Dark Halloween 2019 T-Shirt

Sometimes, a cute design just isn't enough. That's where this shirt ups the ante: with a glow-in-the-dark feature to be visible even on the darkest and stormiest of nights.


Glow-in-the-Dark Haunted Mansion Ears

These hauntingly cute pair of Mickey ears feature the famous busts from the ride . . . and they glow in the dark!


Pumpkin Mickey Popcorn Holder

Disney snacks are pretty memorable, so why not actually take part of it home with you when you're done munching? This adorable pumpkin Mickey popcorn holder is the best kind of souvenir.


Maleficent Backpacks

Are you more Maleficent or Evil Queen? These backpacks let you pick a spooky side.


Minnie Witch Hat Ears

Channel your inner witch with these sparkly Minnie ears.


Haunted Mansion Souvenirs

Have you noticed the Haunted Manison theme this year? There are so many goodies to choose from to celebrate the classic Disney ride, and you're going to want to buy them all. Swipe through all the photos above to see a ton of options, including a singing doom buggy, magnets, mugs, and frames.


Skull Purse

For real Disney horror buffs, this skull purse is perfect to house all your essentials, like bones and eyeballs.