25 DIY Harry Potter Gifts You Can Make For Your Favorite Wizards and Witches

POPSUGAR Photography | Lisette Mejia
POPSUGAR Photography | Lisette Mejia

Muggles, squibs, and wizards waiting for your Hogwarts acceptance letters, get ready to rejoice! You may not be able to cast a spell and have presents for every birthday, holiday, and party perfectly planned out, but these magical Harry Potter-inspired DIY gifts are about to make that so much easier. With creative DIY ideas, these are cheap, thoughtful, and Potter-approved. Find something for every Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and even Slytherin on your gift list (and maybe keep something for yourself, too). These would also make for fun craft party activities — entertainment and favors all in one! Take a look at the best DIY gift ideas for all Harry Potter-lovers out there, and let the magic begin.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


DIY Harry Potter Biscuit Tin

Upcycle an old biscuit or Altoid tin and create this cute sign. Decorate the tin however you want by adding fabric, buttons, and quotes to the exterior. Use a small chain to hang it.


DIY Cauldron Flower Pot

Create beautiful flower arrangements in Halloween-style candy cauldrons and turn them into magical Harry Potter presents. Fill each cauldron with flowers and water, and your work here is done.


DIY Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Wreaths

Gather sticks, fake flowers, and circle wreaths to create this easy DIY masterpiece. Use a hot glue gun to stick the wood together, and then add the twine and florals.


DIY Harry Potter Planters

All you need for these cute planters are markers and creativity. Draw your favorite Potter-themed motif on the pot and fill it with flowers and plants. No Mandrakes, please.


DIY Harry Potter Artwork

Got an old frame lying around? Simply print out your favorite scene or picture of a character from the series and place it inside.


DIY Harry Potter Love Potion

Find a heart-shaped bottle to put your homemade potion in and let the fun begin. Decorate the bottle with paint and markers and fill it with an enchanting perfume.


DIY Golden Snitch

The elusive Golden Snitch can be easily captured when you spray-paint a golf ball or chocolate candy wrapper gold and hot glue wings on it.


DIY Chocolate Frogs Candy Bag

Inspired by Chocolate Frogs, this cute candy bag can be made in minutes. Simply find a small bag and sew your friend's initial on it. Feel free to add any other Harry Potter accents you want.


DIY Harry Potter Wreath

Imagine being welcomed into a home with this gorgeous wreath on the front door! To make this cute piece of decor, just attach DIY Harry Potter-themed crafts on to it. Keys with wings, a golden Christmas ornament with feathers, and a handmade scarf will do.


DIY Harry Potter Pillow

Sew fabric onto an old pillow to create your very own Harry Potter character. Add black fabric for the hair, a lightning bolt scar, and glasses, and finish with red and yellow fabric for Harry's Gryffindor scarf to make it complete.


DIY Harry Potter Makeup Bag

Find a small clutch or bag and create a one-of-a-kind Harry Potter makeup bag. Just sew on a wizard-themed patch, and fill it with brushes, makeup, and more.


DIY Harry Potter Snow Globe

Whether it's Winter or not, this Harry Potter snow globe makes for a cute gift. Find a glass candle jar and stick your favorite character inside with fake snow and any other decor you want.

DIY Home-Brewed Potions
POPSUGAR Photography | Lisette Mejia

DIY Home-Brewed Potions

These DIY potion bottles are simple and sure crowd-pleasers. Fill a bottle with their favorite beverage and add a printable label, and you've got a gift fit for the Half-Blood Prince.

DIY Harry Potter Mug
POPSUGAR Photography | Kelly Ladd

DIY Harry Potter Mug

No magical supplies are needed to put together this easy (and cute!) DIY Harry Potter mug. Simply pull out your permanent markers and turn on your oven to get started. May we suggest adding some Butterbeer to the finished product?

Homemade Wand
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Homemade Wand

Usually the wand chooses the wizard, but in this case you get to add your magical touch. They're sure to be spellbound!

Mrs. Weasley's Sweater Cookies
POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts

Mrs. Weasley's Sweater Cookies

The best gifts are the ones you can eat! For your friend with a sweet tooth, try these cookies inspired by the Weasley family's sweaters.

DIY Weasley Sweater Wine Cozy
POPSUGAR Photography | Lisette Mejia

DIY Weasley Sweater Wine Cozy

Combine the holiday delights of Harry Potter and a good bottle of wine with these wine cozies that Mrs. Weasley would wish she'd made herself.


DIY Broomstick Gift Wrapping

These may not be as fast as a Firebolt or Nimbus 2000, but your friends will still want to take off with their broomstick-wrapped gift. Use either brown fabric or a sturdy brown paper bag with added fringe to get the look.


DIY Alohomora Key Holder

Impress your friends with your creativity and knowledge of spell terminology with this key hanger. Add any little symbols that have significance in the Wizarding World.

DIY Snitch Ornament
POPSUGAR Photography | Brinton Parker

DIY Snitch Ornament

The Snitch is tricky to catch, so fellow witches and wizards will be impressed you've been able to get your hands on one. This one is a DIY ornament they'll want to keep hanging all year round.

DIY Harry Potter Book Cover Ornament
POPSUGAR Photography | Brinton Parker

DIY Harry Potter Book Cover Ornament

There's nothing quite like an homage to their favorite book series gracing the tree during the holidays. Create a set of all seven book ornaments and watch their face light up as they see this magical mini representation.


DIY House Ties

If your BFF pledges allegiance to a certain Hogwarts house, consider designing a tie of their very own.


DIY Save Dobby Wreath

Free Dobby and find a place for your mismatched socks? Sounds like a magical combination. Grab a fake wreath from your local craft store, use clothespins to attach the socks, and paint a small "Save Dobby" sign for the final touch.


DIY Tom Marvolo Riddle Diary

Perhaps your friend has a magical dark side? Create a journal for them to store their deepest, darkest secrets.


DIY Grim Mug

Use a permanent marker to draw tea leaves in the shape of the grim at the bottom of a white mug for this divinely clever gift. Perfect for a magical morning cup of coffee or to store your quill, keys, or spare change.