This Insanely Accurate Personality Quiz Gives You a Detailed Breakdown of Your 5 Biggest Traits

Online personality assessments have become increasingly popular over the years. The fun tools allow us to connect more deeply with others and better understand our innermost traits and tendencies. And while some may rely on these religiously to gauge relationship compatibility or promising career trajectories, others also argue that the results may be too self-limiting and oversimplified to rightfully generalize unique and complex human behavior.

But the FiveThirtyEight assessment takes personality quizzes to another level. It evaluates "The Big Five" personality traits — extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, negative emotionality, and openness to experience — and compares these results with that of the average American. Answers range from "Strongly Disagree" to "Strongly Agree" for a series of 30 questions, and results include succinct descriptions outlining specific habits, relationship types, and career paths most likely conducive to success.

Unlike the popular Myers-Briggs test type indicators, these results are based on a spectrum from 1 to 100 rather than on a distinct one-size-fits-all category. The quiz honors both our individual human traits and outer social contexts, making for an accurate and precise guide that's both practical and comprehensive. For deeper insight into yourself backed by research, take the FiveThirtyEight Personality Quiz for your dynamic, detailed results!