20 Fun Things to Do Alone in Cold Weather

Cold weather usually equates to cuddle weather, but it's also a great time to enjoy yourself. Take it as an opportunity to catch up on things you've been putting off or have been wanting to do. Every now and then, it's always nice to be able to have some time to yourself to recharge and relax, so try these 20 things ahead alone. You don't need company to have a good time!

  1. Hygge it up: Embrace the Scandinavian lifestyle of hygge that celebrates coziness and warmth, especially during colder months. Do so by setting up pillows, blankets, and candles and sipping on a hot beverage.
  2. Bake seasonal goods: Fill your home up with delicious scents and challenge yourself with a fun recipe.
  3. Take yourself to a movie: Even though it might feel uncomfortable at first, you may find yourself really appreciating the experience. Embrace it and enjoy it.
  4. Decorate your place: Whether it's for Fall or Winter, celebrate the season with DIY crafts or festive store-bought decorations. You'll totally feel the holiday spirit.
  5. Cozy up with a good book: Create the ideal reading area in your room with string lights and candles and get lost in a new read or old favorite.
  6. Enjoy the cold air: Bundle up and go for a run or a walk outdoors. The fresh air will feel invigorating.
  7. Take a solo trip: Embark on an adventure to see beautiful foliage or snowy landscapes. DIY a travel journal to document the fun!
  8. Begin a project: This could range from a bucket list to a personal blog. Think about what's still unchecked on your to-do list and set aside some time to finally tackle it.
  9. Volunteer: Pay it forward in a small or big way by helping out at a soup kitchen or making holiday cards for veterans. You never know how your efforts could benefit someone.
  10. Journal: Start our journaling challenge or choose to free write. Getting your thoughts down on paper is great for self-reflection and for releasing any stress.
  11. Take yourself out to dinner: Think warm foods and cozy atmospheres. Enjoying a meal alone will allow you to fully indulge without any distractions. Feel free to bring a book along, but try to minimize screen time.
  12. Binge on a show: Cold weather is the perfect excuse to stay inside and catch up on your favorite series.
  13. Soak in a hot bath: Nothing feels better than relaxing in a tub. Turn on some soothing tunes and allow your mind to slow down.
  14. Make seasonal gifts for friends and family: Get crafty with Halloween goodies, Thanksgiving cards, or DIY Christmas presents. Your loved ones will appreciate the personal touch.
  15. Go shopping: Treat yourself or get a head start on your holiday shopping. You'll be able to take your time and not worry about rushing for others.
  16. Enjoy a lazy day in your pajamas: Take naps, watch movies, order takeout, or do whatever you feel like doing. Allow yourself to have a guilt-free day that's all about you.
  17. Try a new workout: Get of your active comfort zone and brave a workout you've never tried before. You never know if it'll become your new favorite exercise.
  18. Listen to holiday music: Crank up a Halloween mix or Christmas playlist to really get yourself ready for the season.
  19. Cook yourself a gourmet dinner: Bust out the candles and wine and play chef for the evening. Find a fancy recipe for some of your favorite foods and test your skills in the kitchen.
  20. Pamper yourself: Relax with a face or hair mask, paint your nails with festive colors, or get a massage. This is the time to catch up on any beauty treatments you've been putting off.