The Blue and Green Waters of Grotta della Poesia in Italy Will Completely Mesmerize You

If you zoom in on the heel of Italy's boot, you'll find a spot tucked away called Salento in Puglia. The rocky coastline is home to many sinkholes and caves, better known in Italy as "grottos." It's in Puglia that you'll discover Grotta della Poesia, an off-the-beaten-path destination with blue and green waters so beautiful, you'll be mesmerized. After travelers are done being mesmerized (it may take a few seconds), they can leap into the 100-foot-wide grotto or opt for an even more adventurous 30-foot-high plunge into the ocean right beside the sinkhole. Check out photos of the stunning spot, and make sure to explore the area if you find yourself in the southern area of the country.