6 New Year's Resolutions For Clumsy People

I'm clumsy, but it's not by choice! Do you think I want to always be spilling, tripping, and bumping into things? Trust me, I don't. For 2017, my goal is to take my klutzy behavior down a notch. Less stains and bruises sounds pretty good to me! If you can relate, check out the new year's resolutions below and make them your goals for the coming months. We got this!

1. Slow things down.

Think about the times when you fall or spill. Were you in a rush? Most likely. Life is not a race! When you feel like you're doing something faster than you should be, take a moment to slow down.

2. Stay organized.

Having stuff all over the place gives you more of an opportunity to trip over something. Make a conscious effort to get organized and keep your home tidy.

3. Pay attention to your environment.

All it takes is an extra glance around you to be more aware of what's happening. Look up when you're walking, scoot your beverage away from your arms, and think about the actions you are taking.

4.Get your vision checked out.

Bad vision is a huge contributor to clumsiness, but often times people have no idea that they aren't seeing as well as they should be. Make an optometry appointment and be sure your eyes are healthy.

5. Try exercises that improve your balance.

Exercises that focus on your core and improve agility will help you catch yourself from tripping and taking a spill. Plus, a little daily exercise never hurt!

6. Don't be hard on yourself.

Being a clumsy person is definitely not the end of the world. Maybe you knock something over or bump the corner of your bed. Whatever! Don't let people make you feel bad about it. If you feel confident and happy, that's what truly matters.