This Awesome JetBlue Experiment Proves Compromise Among Strangers Is Possible

Passengers of flight 603 probably weren't expecting a surprise of a lifetime when they boarded their plane — but they got one. In a video called "Reach Across the Aisle" by JetBlue Airways, a fun social experiment was conducted in which one free round trip was promised to those willing to participate. The catch? All 150 people on the plane had to unanimously agree on the destination.

The first order of business was to decide whether the trip would be domestic or international. After seeing where around the world JetBlue traveled, the choices came down to two international destinations: Costa Rica and Turks and Caicos Islands. Between several rounds of voting, passengers collectively deliberated and tried to convince one another why one was better. Individuals even got up on the intercom to state their case.

About an hour and a half later, 150 total strangers were able to set aside their differences and agree on a trip to Costa Rica. Moral of the story? "If people compromise and work together, all parties can win."