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November 2021 Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon Meaning For Signs

These 4 Zodiac Signs Are in For a Wild Ride With the November Lunar Eclipse

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If you thought this month's new moon put you in a silly, goofy mood, the November 2021 lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus said, "Hold my beer." Astronomically speaking, this lunar event is exciting; the Nov. 19 partial lunar eclipse, peaking at 4:03 a.m. ET, will be the longest partial lunar eclipse of the century, as well as the longest partial lunar eclipse we've witnessed in more than 500 years. Love that for the moon. For us watching at home? Not so much. Sure, it'll be a pretty, blood-red moon to take grainy pictures of, but the Nov. 19 lunar eclipse and full moon's astrology might not seem as pretty. If you're one of the fixed zodiac signs, you may find that the emotional meaning of the November 2021 lunar eclipse and full moon hits you really hard, largely because you're usually more resistant to change. This isn't a reason to freak out. Rather, it's a reason to prepare and practice self-care.

The November 2021 lunar eclipse and full moon are both occurring in Taurus, and they're kicking off a series of chaotic eclipses that'll continue into 2023. Eclipses tend to come in pairs (opposite signs), so most of the eclipses over the next two years will occur in Taurus and Scorpio, two fixed zodiac signs with a very low bullsh*t threshold. But while change often freaks headstrong Taurus out, transformation might as well be Scorpio's middle name. This gives way to intense, transformative, emotional energy that feels all-consuming and a bit unsettling, and pushes you to reclaim what's yours. At the same time as the full moon and lunar eclipse, tricky Uranus moves opposite aggressive Mars, creating fertile ground for both running toward your goals with reckless abandon and impulsive, emotional outbursts.

At face value, this all sounds like one big "nope." But understanding WTF full moons and lunar eclipses signify can help make sense of the chaos. Read on for the meaning of full moons and lunar eclipses in astrology, as well as more insight about the four fixed zodiac signs most emotionally affected by the Nov. 19 full moon and lunar eclipse.

What Do Full Moons Mean in Astrology?

In general, the moon governs our emotional selves. If new moons denote new beginnings, the full moon essentially does the opposite. The illuminating full moon is often associated with clarity and closure, and because it shines at its brightest in this phase, your energy and emotions are likely running just as high. You might also think of the moon's bright light symbolically; it's here to shed light on previously unknown information and offer you a clearer look at certain situations, giving you the knowledge you need to move forward. Taking all of this into account, full moons aren't the best time to manifest or introduce a host of new beginnings into your life, like you would during the new moon. Instead, you'll likely do better with allowing the universe to do its thing. Reflect on letting go of things and embracing endings. Ask yourself: what can I now see is holding me back from what I want or from becoming the best version of myself? Think hard on your answers to that question during the full moon, because it may be time to walk away from those things for good.

What Do Lunar Eclipses Mean in Astrology?

A lunar eclipse is essentially an emotionally chaotic wildcard. It often serves as the catalyst that speeds up change in the figurative chemical reactions of our lives. Couple a lunar eclipse with a full moon, and you ultimately have all the effects of the full moon on steroids: unexpected, sudden endings; breakthroughs you didn't see coming; or shocking information bubbling to the surface. (During lunar eclipses, however, the moon's light is blocked, meaning when information comes out, you may not have the whole picture.) This, understandably, sounds very scary — few people love change — but if you reframe how you see a lunar eclipse, you'll be in a better position to harness its power. Rest assured, the themes and events that coincide with a lunar eclipse are not necessarily bad; it's simply a way for the universe to move you toward the positive things that are meant for you faster, and to do that, you have to clear out the clutter that's in the way. Things will get real really quickly, but the growth you experience when an eclipse pushes you right out of your comfort zone is even realer. Take the lunar eclipse as a cue to meditate, listen to what the universe is telling you, and take care of yourself physically and mentally.


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Taurus (April 20-May 20): The Nov. 19 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Call For You to Shed Your Past to Make Room For a New, Powerful Sense of Self

The moon and lunar eclipse are in your sign, Taurus, so you know this lunar event will be a biggie. If you've felt out of sorts over the last several months, take a breath and know that you're likely reaching the culmination of a massive identity transformation relating to how you see yourself, how you interact with others, the goals you want to achieve, and what you value. The next few months might still feel a little shaky — you're a bit stubborn when it comes to change — but that's only because you are finally ready to shake off the thought patterns and old identities that were blocking your most powerful self. Use this full moon and lunar eclipse as a time to think hard about what makes you feel confident, and cut out what makes you feel anything less.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): The Nov. 19 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Are Pushing You to Take Control of Your Professional Identity and Get the Recognition You Deserve

Given how hard you work, Leo, you deserve some praise for the long hours you put in and the winning ideas you bring to the table. And it's likely the Nov. 19 lunar eclipse and full moon will shine a spotlight on your professional life, encouraging you to take stock of your ambitions and your current work situation. Do you feel like you're on the most fulfilling career path? Do you feel like your work is appreciated? Do you feel like your current professional situation highlights and nurtures your strengths? If so, you might be on the brink of a major breakthrough. If not, this lunar event could push you in a totally unexpected direction, ending a work cycle you've trudged through for a while and bringing you to a new path that better allows your light, goals, and accomplishments to shine.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): The Nov. 19 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Are Prime Time to End Your Draining Relationships and Make Room For the Ones That Fulfill You

The universe is not done with you yet, Scorpio. With the Nov. 19 full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus, your seventh house of partnerships, the cosmos are asking you to turn your attention toward your romantic, platonic, and business relationships, all areas you've been cosmically focused on for several months now. It's time to take what you've gleaned from those relationships — how people feel about you and how they make you feel about yourself — and prepare to move forward accordingly. That means you may experience some abrupt shifts, or even endings, surrounding the relationships that don't make you feel supported or inspired. That's certainly emotionally taxing, but these potential endings are ultimately good for you. Take solace in the idea that you're protecting your emotional well-being, prioritizing your needs, and opening the door for new, more fulfilling relationships that make you feel unstoppable.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): The Nov. 19 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Could Dredge Up Some Uncomfortable Insecurities You Need to Let Go Of

Aquarius, expect the November 2021 lunar eclipse and full moon to shake things up in your fourth house of family and home, making you feel extremely emotional, sensitive, or sentimental. You could find an unexpected family matter coming to a head, requiring you to make a big, swift decision and taking necessary attention away from other areas of your life. Whatever it is, this situation could dredge up some difficult emotions and memories from your childhood and make you feel insecure or unstable. This full moon and lunar eclipse is a good opportunity to sit with those uncomfortable emotions so that you better understand where they're coming from. Once you know that, you'll have the insight and confidence you need to let them go.

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